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How far would you drive to help a friend or family member?

Driving is nothing to me, I'd go all day for someone I care about. Staying overnight, though, it would take a lot to get me to not drive back the same day

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How bad do they need help? Just want to see you or is it a matter of life or death? Depends on the circumstances.... I've driven 10 or 12 hours one way to move a really good friend. Of course he was moving out of my house and so I had a lot of incentive to get him the hell out of there.

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I drove 10 hours to take my dying grandma a fresh fig. She hadn't had one since she was young. She enjoyed it, but did comment that was a lot of travel for a fig. I told her it wasn't for a fig; it was for family.

She probably only has weeks left, but she is 97 years old and has had a rich life, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and cared for many cats and created much art.

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