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Help me...find some new websites with interesting content to hang out on.

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Whatever happened to that Bonner dude who said he was gonna fix things before this?

Tags: stuff, block, fix, trouble, political

The original help.com site was always busy, and I don't think for a moment there are fewer people needing help.

Tags: people, site, attention, bring, answers

What keeps you at Help-qa?

Tags: sites, reddit, forums, craiglist
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Anyone a doctor?

Tags: blood, sugar, hypoglycemic, hypoglycemia, causing

I feel like my boss is starting to get too nosey.

Tags: told, sister, cook, lunch, nosey
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I was born and raised in the same state my entire life.

Tags: family, move, state, lived, huge

Some psycho I know has hacked the computer I'm using and figured out what drives me to homicidal rage and is content on consistently doing things over and over again to screw with me that make me want

Tags: reason, software, drives, computer, prove

Figuring my mum out

Tags: family, money, dad, mum, everytime
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Like board games?

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