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Don't read this if you can't handle edited cursing or truth (bad parents beware).

Tags: life, handle, kids, piece, responsibility

List of "HOW DARE YOU" LIES I was once made to believe:

Tags: human, humans, reality, lie, screwed

Straight/Bi men: Have you ever met a woman that made you have trouble trusting women generally or wish you weren't into women anymore?

Tags: anymore, man, men, generally, woman


Tags: universe, plane, cubes, wires, cube
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I've been trying listen to Congressional hearings lately.

Tags: time, stuff, questions, hearing, partisan

I truly equate time wasters the same with murderers.

Tags: time, hours, murdering, danger, frankly
Nacthoman shade

mishaps when under fire-stress-pressure

Tags: managed, steer, plan, luckily, spitfire

So the unemployment office sent more payments than they should which somehow created a debt to them.

Tags: sick, payments, eligible, debt, unemployment

Mission Statement:

Tags: crazy, reality, infinity, eternal, reccurance
Nacthoman shade

im not aways agreeable with this series but i do enjoy

Tags: act, hasan, minhaj, patriot