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A rubbertramp since I was 20, been living on the road for 32 yrs.

Where did you grow up?


Where do you live now?


What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

Fruit picker, tree planter, placer gold miner

What hobbies are you into?

Metal detecting, prospecting

What causes are you concerned about today?

The plight of dogs.

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?


Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Dog, and only dog.

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Alternative lubricants for a ZF manual gearbox?

written () ago

First I'll give a little back-story about my experiences with an old VW van transaxle. Used to be, many moons ago when I was young, that I'd buy a beater VW van, fix it up, then sell it when I wanted something else. Often, the transaxle would have a pronounced whine & be hard to shift. I'd basically cure 'cure' that by adding by adding a can of Molyslip (molybdenum disulfide & engine oil) to the transaxle. This would often work in rear diffs & manual gearboxes that started to howl.

I have a puzzling problem with a '77 350 Chev engine.

written () ago

A friend of mine bought a car that has a modded 350 in it which, though it has wonderful power, hesitates off idle when launching it & backfires. It has a high rise manifold, Holley 670 cfm double pumper, headers going into 3" dual exhaust & a mystery cam & runs SUPER rich. I stuck my gas analyzer on it &, if adjusted to run anywhere near an ideal air/fuel ratio, backfires when idling. Right now it's a pig on gas & carbon fouls the plugs after a bit. The previous owner, who can't be reached,...


written () ago

HISSS! The German loans post was removed before I could really get started. Oh well, next time's the charm. Kinda pathetic, maybe, but keeps me entertained. Used to have a blast on the old Help site trolling the spammers.

Does anyone know how to re-dye army pants a solid colour?

written () ago

I have some BDU's I'd like to re-dye from a camo green/brown to a solid brown or tan. Searching the net has brought no joy & I'm hoping that someone here has managed to do so. I really like the design/price of them, but don't want to look like an army wannabe poseur. ..Willy

Why was my post deleted?

written () ago

I posted, early this morning, a question regarding losing the onscreen keyboard functionality on my android phone when pairing a bluetooth mouse to it (asked if someone could restore the onscreen keyboard functionality without nixing the mouse). It posted right above littlenick's post about people acting up. Went to check if anyone answered, this morning after I woke up, and it was GONE! WTF?

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Your favorite horror movies?

Tucker and Dale vs Evil.


- written - voted for by DocteurRalph, verge
often times i find myself thinking

Jebus-Zeus wrote:
Space folding is a theoretical possibility.

Yeah, but you need awfully large & dexterous hands.

- written - voted for by Lano
I doubt I will be, but I hope if I get to a certain point that I can no longer drive efficiently(efficiency - the ability to be able to recognize and respond to situations quickly and safely - being

That's why I generally stay out in rural areas since, percentages being equivalent to the city, there just isn't as high a concentration of idiots per square mile.

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Merry Christmas Helpers

BIG-AL-ONE wrote:

My deepest regards Will. No better friend a man could get.
My dog still visits me in my dreams and he died 31 years ago.

Thanks, but them's the breaks. Funny thing is, I adopted her as an X-mas present to myself (during X-mas) and she died 16 yrs later, almost to the day. I already have another dog on the way from a rescue in Mexico since, as I've told many others who'd lost their dog, only another dog can lessen the hurt. I suppose that Coco is cavorting now with Roxy and both will be there to greet me when it's finally my time.

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So I am a Athiest, what now?

Life goes on. I don't believe in a god and am quite happy.

- written - voted for by DragonLady
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Alternative lubricants for a ZF manual gearbox?

WTF? Who's the moron that labeled my post NSFW? Does someone have a transmission ******fetish? edit: Looks like the problem has been corrected or.. the mysterious DEEP STATE fetishist is covering their tracks.

- written
How is your New Year going so far?

WritetheHeroine wrote:
Holy ****shit, that's wonderful! Thank you for the reminder of Mexican dental care, sincerely. It's neat having your nest on the road. There's nothing like making your own space, nesting and enjoying living life. Bon voyage! Have you been before (maybe when recusing said pups)?

I got my 1st pup, Miel, on the last flight before they shut down for covid & my 2nd pup, Tato, on 1 of the first flights when they opened up again. I adopted them from The Sula Society in Puerto Vallarta & I'd like to visit them next year to show how well the pups have been doing & to bring a bunch of leashes, blankets, dog bowls etc for the rescue. I've only been in Mexico just across the border from Yuma a couple of decades ago.

- written
How is your New Year going so far?

I'm living on the mountainside with my 2 Mexican rescue pups in my old RV. Got a new low wattage 24v a/c unit for the summer & a new wood stove for next winter, comfort being the name of the game. Might cruise down to Mexico next winter for some dental work & (more) r&r. Living the life of Riley n loving it!

- written
So I am still here I am actually doing quite well, how is everyone else?

I'm all banged up & living in the Matrix on 'disability time'. It's kinda like 'bullet time' but even slower; gotta luv dem meds.

- written
Hate to bring this up

I check up on Facebook, but that's about it.

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