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A rubbertramp since I was 20, been living on the road for 32 yrs.

Where did you grow up?


Where do you live now?


What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

Fruit picker, tree planter, placer gold miner

What hobbies are you into?

Metal detecting, prospecting

What causes are you concerned about today?

The plight of dogs.

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?


Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Dog, and only dog.

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Why was my post deleted?

written () ago

I posted, early this morning, a question regarding losing the onscreen keyboard functionality on my android phone when pairing a bluetooth mouse to it (asked if someone could restore the onscreen keyboard functionality without nixing the mouse). It posted right above littlenick's post about people acting up. Went to check if anyone answered, this morning after I woke up, and it was GONE! WTF?

How can I prevent my bluetooth mouse from disabling the onscreen keyboard in Android?

written () ago

I paired a bluetooth mouse to my phone and, while it works fine, the onscreen keyboard that should pop up when I wish to fill in a text field has been disabled by android.. WTF? The only way I've found to restore that function is by not having the mouse paired. This is total bullshit and a Google search only brought up 1 other person with this problem and he didn't get a solution. Of course, I just might not have been patient enough but feeling pretty bugeyed at the moment. Anybody here have a...

Can anyone here read Chinese?

written () ago

I think it's Chinese, but don't really know. Bought an immobilizer off Amazon and.. not a bit of English. I don't want to cowboy it with the wiring and end up frying something under my dash. Tried using Google translate with my cellphone camera, but got gibberish back. Anyone?

Is there a preview button for posts?

written () ago

If not, it would be a handy feature. If there is, well, I must be some blind or ready to ride the 'short bus'.. maybe both?

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Your favorite horror movies?

Tucker and Dale vs Evil.


- written - voted for by DocteurRalph, verge
I have been wanting to start working out and start getting into shape (Round is a shape though!)

Could try the keto diet. It works, but boy is it ever hard to stick to; near every food sold these days is full of carbs.

- written - voted for by Araz
Proof Elvis Presley Shot JFK

Lano wrote:

OMG my birth year has four digits too. I'm a murderer. Why, god, why.

You're gonna rot in HELL as SATAN'S STENOGRAPHER and every pencil/pen will have been retrieved from a toilet, befouled by both #1 and #2.

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
Proof Elvis Presley Shot JFK

GODDAMN! It's ALL CONNECTED and, like, totally MINDBLOWING 'n ****shit like that! MIND. BLOWN.

- written - voted for by Jebus-Zeus
Nasty grandmother.

People make me appreciate my dog that much more.

- written - voted for by Nix
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Help me...find some new websites with interesting content to hang out on.

- written
The original site was always busy, and I don't think for a moment there are fewer people needing help.

That would be a good start. As it is, nobody's gonna type 'help-qa' into Google, so this site wouldn't be getting that type of traffic. Same problem with the former 'helptogo', which I still think sounds like a pudding cup. The layout here's superior tho.

- written
What keeps you at Help-qa?

Sooner or later the traffic should pick up, so I'll patiently wait.

- written
I am upset, i grew up with alot of you, and no one is left...

Still here.

- written
is it possible..

I did that, years ago, and don't regret doing so.

- written
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