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Where did you grow up?

Eastern Cape, South Africa

Where do you live now?


What is the highest level of education you have attained?

BSc. Environmental Science

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?

Geography, Biology, Ecology, Anthropology

What hobbies are you into?


What causes are you concerned about today?


If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?

Some sort of Socialist

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Celtic monotheism, Catholicism

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Dearest Darling Mother

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I miss you, I love you, I need you.

Update on my mom’s condition (Ilse/Aisha).

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As most of you know, my mom has cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy, a while ago the doctor took her off that due to her physical state and how advanced the cancer was. Since then, her condition has been declining at a rapid pace - I’m currently in South Africa with her. Those of you who were in contact with her, I’m asking you to not message, she no longer uses her phone and most of the time is not a state where she can talk, so it’s pointless telling her who messaged. Any messages...

Wedding dresses...

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I really want a Scottish dress, but authentic Celtic wedding dresses are difficult to find. I want some sort of hybrid between these dresses. Basically a regular wedding dress with the plaid showing at the back, but with a Scottish Hood (in place of the veil). Know any places who make these plaid dresses?[]

Hey, I'm here, glad to see the place is back to some form of normal.

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Everyone have a nice thanksgiving - for those who celebrate it?

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Hey, I'm here, glad to see the place is back to some form of normal.

2010 is when I became a help user so it seems we had just missed one another, Aria.

BigWilly, glad to see you around here :)

there's something about the format of this site that attracts a person, helptogo just seemed like a mess

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I have a date this Friday and I just don’t know.

Trust your instincts with this, if he is pushing and won’t take no for an answer, take it as a sign of his character! Stick to the movie only, hell I would personally cancel, because I’d be uncomfortable around a pushy guy.
It’s good to get out there and have good nights out, but it’s also best to choose wisely. I hope you have a good time, it’s also okay if you don’t go through with it.

The other thing is, if you met through a friend, I suppose I’d be more okay with it as opposed to meeting online. And if you’re meeting the first time, always be in public’s sight. Always bring pepper spray with you, though, always 😉 and a pocket knife for good measure 😛

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Here's to the Moms.


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How do you know when you have found the one?

It’s a difficult thing, to know. It basically comes down to the fact that if you’re both compatible with one another, meaning that you both feel attraction and can stand each other’s personalities, as long as you put effort into the relationship it will work out.
Staying single for whatever reason until the /right/ person comes along has its ups and downs. There is usually trial and error in these sorts of things, and you learn something valuable from each person.

I agree with the biological clock mentality.
I’m planning to have my first child at 25/26, and maybe a second by 27/28. I refuse to have a child after 30, really I don’t want to have kids after 26 - risk of defects start increasing exponentially after 25 if I remember right. If I can’t have a child before then (physically incapable), I’ll adopt or just get lots of cats.

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Wedding dresses...

soco wrote:
Go to Etsy. Search for WeddingDressFantasy in Teaneck, NJ. Owners name is Tova Marc. She does custom work.

Thank you for this suggestion, I was searching Etsy too but didn't come across this :)

PepperJ wrote:
Love that idea...never saw one of these dresses before. How neat. Hope you find one

Thank you, I love this style, I didn't think I'd like plaid in a dress, but some dresses look so amazing with it.

Big-Al-One wrote:
A hybrid dress is sometimes better than "authentic" because it is more personal and expresses who you are as an individual.

When is the wedding?

You're so right, but custom dresses are often very expensive, and I want something simple, elegant and inexpensive. Haven't set an exact date yet. My parents' and SO's are meeting for the first time in a few days (since they're visiting from Colorado and we're in IL). Once we get engaged officially, we will start planning, he ordered a ring for me a few days ago, I'm excited :)

DocteurRalph wrote:
Yeah when's the wedding? Is there a wedding or are you just wanting a wedding dress to go hang out at bars with? Just kidding as always, but for some reason I thought you just got married. No your sister got married? There were wedding pictures on FB that much I'm sure of. It's been a long time these things get scrambled in my old brain.

Lol, I will hang out in bars with it for sure ;) but there is a wedding being planned. The wedding photos you saw were my friends' and I was a bridesmaid in it. I hope my sister isn't married, since I didn't hear about it :/

soco wrote:
Manthy would like a June wedding. She is not officially engaged yet because he has not purchased a ring. To her that is unimportant. They are spiritually committed to one another and that is what matters most.
Regardless of when it occurs I support them both and wish only true bliss and happiness.

Thank you soco! With the ring on the way, I feel I can start with the planning, I've always been too impatient to wait. It's his birthday in a few days, and I get too excited to even keep his gift a secret from him. Although, I told him what it is, I stretched the truth a bit, so he will still be surprised 😉

Prttytrisha wrote:
I LOVE that last one!!!

On Etsy, Outlanderweddings makes the sorts of 'Celtic' dresses with/without hoods for $150-$250 depending on the style, they also customise the colours.

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What do you all think about a woman dating a guy who is a little over 4 years younger than her?

Go for it! Unless he isn’t at the same maturity level as you and that bothers you, it shouldn’t be an issue. Women tend to outlive men anyways.

He probably won’t care. My aunt was 20 years older than my uncle (she recently passed away at the age of 60-something). They started dating when he was 19 years old.

If he turns out to be a weirdo though, definitely leave! 😛

- written
I have a date this Friday and I just don’t know.

Maybe this Friday was never meant to be a date night eh? I’d go get some sparkling wine, ice cream and find a good movie to watch by myself at this point 😛

- written
I have a date this Friday and I just don’t know.

Oh no! What happened?

- written
My mum could win a million pounds tomorrow.

I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through.

Many people don’t know how to handle their emotions. Mental Illness is especially hard, doing basic tasks, but it sounds like she could do better with her family.

Try to take a step back, and look at her through a different lens, her words may not be /her/ talking since her perspective is distorted by her emotions/mentality.

Carry on as you would, do what you have time to do, you’re doing the best you can - do not become a participant in her game. I would just say, “we have too much to do to think about cleaning, maybe you could help us” - I’d really just repeat the same phrase, not even bother changing it.

It’s important to also support your dad in this situation, is there anyway you can get her help? A psychological evaluation?

- written
I have a date this Friday and I just don’t know.

Everything will go just fine, just relax, do you take anything to calm yourself down? Have a cup of tea or something, it will be fun going out 🙂 I find that I get too stressed when I’m stuck in my place for too long.

- written
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