I'm Eddieee

Where did you grow up?

Nope, not doing that

Where do you live now?

I'm right here

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

I'm still learning

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?


What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

Best never to work! Instead, enjoy what you do in life

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Deep inside my breath


written () ago

Time to get up,


written () ago

I am nothing but a poem,


written () ago

I spent the hours picking through the moment

Original version of a very old poem .

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Not sure if anyone is interested but the original Help started in 1999.

Rockster160 wrote:
Well if I start sucking, let me know. ๐Ÿ˜„

I have a feeling you care more then CBS

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph, CreekFairy
What is thee time?

Such a good HelpBot, Good boy

- written - voted for by Rockster160, CreekFairy
How do I let go

Get some paper and a pencil.
Now sit down in a comfy place and ponder all the things that make you smile. Even the briefest and simplest of ideas count. As they come to you, write them down. Don't dwell, just write. Don't rush either, there are no points given to those that finish first.
While this exercise in no way tells you how to be happy, it may lead you in the right direction.
Good luck

- written - voted for by ~CaraMia~
Any suggestions to help pick up the usage of help

Dolly wrote:
Help gave me people to talk to
A reason to stay unwell
A club for the mentally unstable
Friends I still talk to everyday

I wonder if it is for the best to wish the site to grow? Or if it is time for a last goodbye

I think we all have reasons and choices, both made and to make.
Still, I belive did more good then bad.

- written - voted for by ~CaraMia~
It's a very clever clock

Would you look at that, Helpbot isn't triggered by "Crazy".

*Takes note ;)

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE
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~CaitherrA~ wrote:
Great poem, Eddieee.
I have a tendency to bury my emotions and Iโ€™ve noticed that I seem to block out many traumatic or even unpleasant events.

So, what next? Do the skeletons stay buried or come back to haunt you later?

We all have skeletons. What you do with yours, and if you let them haunt you, is up to you.

- written

verge wrote:
If you swallow all your feelings
They'll surely make you sick
A case of indigestion
For which there's no quick fix

Emotional constipation
Is not a laughing matter
I can tell you my experience
Of resultant verbal splatter

When my lovely served me hurt
I didn't fuss or make a face
I swallowed all my fear and doubt
And said retroactive grace

Later, my sweet innocently grumbled
Angrily, my stomach rumbled, and out the word vomit tumbled!
It got all over him and me,
Covering our situation stickily
And I got tearful with despair

Lovely is patient and lovely is kind
He helped clean up the mess from my mind
Hopefully I won't swallow bitter feelings in silence
To later erupt in such verbal violence.

Well said! There should be more consequence for serving hurt, but in the end, it is how we react that matters.

- written

BIG.AL.ONE wrote:
(As per usual, Eddieee.)
Tips the hat.

Thank you Al

- written
So I've started writing a new thing...

I love it so far!
Personally I like Proxans for the inhabitants.

- written
Question number 2, said in a post yesterday...

Worth isn't properly given these days. Holds onto every moment . . .

- written
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