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I have a strange sense of humor. Stick around long enough and you will see what I mean.

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Six tips for a [hopefully] stress-free Holiday.

written () ago

Focus on what is important. In the moment it might seem that everything revolves around setting a beautiful table, but that is not what the holidays should be about. Remember the true spirit of the holidays is celebrating relationships with family, friends, and community. Now matter how perfect the setting, the joy is in the people you share it with.


written () ago

Somebody open a bottle of champagne please.

Now that the largest mid term election is over - what's next?

written () ago

Who will run against Donald Trump, assuming he runs again in 2020?

Can't we all just get along?

written () ago

We are coming up to our 1 year anniversary.

written () ago

What could we do to celebrate this milestone? Let's come up with some ideas.

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My skills are failing me, and I know some of you are better at finding things than me...

Padre_J_Roulston wrote:
That said, Fishing does sound like a plan. Too bad it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. ๐Ÿ˜„

Fish don't mind if it's raining. They're already wet, so....

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE, DocteurRalph, Max
I had given up on this site.

Didn't think I'd do it, huh?

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE, PepperJ, Legion
I think this is the site ( where my daughter, Pink Freud (Alice) modded.

She was a very special part of US when it went down. My sincere prayer is we keep this going and live up to her expectations. She wasn't perfect and neither are we, but I will always remember her as our star pitcher.

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE, Araz, Ameliorate
I knew I was out of shape but...

Make it a long walk. I'll make sure to watch the cake while you're gone.

I promise....

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE, aeolian, PepperJ
make sure all of you can view nsfw posts.

This site is for those 13 and up.
If you desire to cuss at everybody you want to, I suggest joining chatterbate.

- written - voted for by DragonLady, BIG.AL.ONE
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Six tips for a [hopefully] stress-free Holiday.

BIG.AL.ONE wrote:
Christmas is not a holiday.


- written
Hey, I want a name for my cake decorating business so wondering if any of you have any ideas?

Sherlock wrote:
Cakes by Desigm


- written
Have you ever liked someone until you seen their social media?

To paraphrase a noteable quote:
"Before accusing someone of having a splinter in their eye, remove the log that is embedded in your own."

- written
How to curb extreme irritability from depression?

I like what @BIG.AL.ONE said with one exception. At these negative instances of your life you can't plan a vacation. Not without some casualties along the way. I would also add to talk about this with your doctor. Your moods can be easily affected by medicines you take. Perhaps a change of prescriptions is in order. And I do hope you are not mixing alcohol or other drugs such as marijuana with your prescribed medications.
Other than that, find humor from somewhere. I recommend reading. Do you like books?

- written

Ratings, 2 months old...

- written
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