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I have a strange sense of humor. Stick around long enough and you will see what I mean.

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There is a billboard in Times Square.

Warning from the BBC NEWS: 5Gbioshields are bogus.

written () ago

Companies are apparently selling these little USB looking gizmos to persons that are freaked out about 5G. It's supposed to offer a bubble of protection to the user if plugged into a laptop or desktop. Most are totally worthless but some could contain Malware that instantly infects the person's device.

What does the world see when they look at the USA now?

written () ago

Says one of Ireland’s respected political writers (well worth the read):

I heard a song on the radio the other day that uplifted my spirits and made me smile.

written () ago

I hope it does the same to you. God bless.

“We’ve all been exposed.

written () ago

Not necessarily to the virus. (Maybe…who even knows?)

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There’s nothing like a wedding to tear a family apart.

It only takes one person to take the high road to fix this. Or simply stay mad at one another for the rest of your miserable lives.
You decide.

- written - voted for by Araz, BA1, PepperJ, DragonLady
My skills are failing me, and I know some of you are better at finding things than me...

Padre_J_Roulston wrote:
That said, Fishing does sound like a plan. Too bad it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. 😄

Fish don't mind if it's raining. They're already wet, so....

- written - voted for by BA1, DocteurRalph, Max
I had given up on this site.

Didn't think I'd do it, huh?

- written - voted for by BA1, PepperJ, Legion
I think this is the site ( where my daughter, Pink Freud (Alice) modded.

She was a very special part of US when it went down. My sincere prayer is we keep this going and live up to her expectations. She wasn't perfect and neither are we, but I will always remember her as our star pitcher.

- written - voted for by BA1, Araz, Ameliorate
I knew I was out of shape but...

Make it a long walk. I'll make sure to watch the cake while you're gone.

I promise....

- written - voted for by BA1, Blooper, PepperJ
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Trump will not lose but he will not continue to be our POTUS. Let me explain.

Before the final tally of all the votes in all the states Trump will resign still thinking in his mind he won. This is how much he hates to lose so he will quit before that happens. Within 72 hours Pence will be sworn in as the interim President and his first act as POTUS will be to give Trump a full and complete pardon. This will protect him from any Federal charges only. The rest of his life will be spent holed up in another country while his lawyers fight thousands of civil law suits. He will die a destitute.

- written
Am I wrong to try and find someone to have a physical relationship with?

If you are still married, yes. Marriage does not promise physical enjoyment. Have another conversation with her. Explain to her your desires and wants. Try to understand her wants too. There is a compromise to be found. But it has to start with finding a peaceful middle ground. There are professionals that can help you too.

- written
I feel like sum1 has hacked my tech.

Any chance this hacking is all in your head? The beginning of a nightmare dream that has no factual basis? The first thing I'd ask myself is "Why me?". What do they gain in the process? Can you tell your boss? Would they initiate any counter measures if they believed you?

- written
I lost my friend.

Helper wrote:
I dont know what to do.

That sentence to me is telling. And I have the answer. You DO what you can. Everything in your soul and being you DO what you can. Tell your story. Tell of your pain. Tell of your hurt. Now it may not go completely back to the way it was. But you will know in your heart of hearts that you did everything that is within you to heal their heart. I promise it will heal yours.

- written
whatever you date, have you ever met the one that made you hate them all?

If you are projecting a degree of disgust about one person unto hundreds of thousands of others simply because they are the same gender, perhaps the issue wasn't with the 1st person to start with.

- written
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