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Hey guys, bit of help needed (pretty UK centric though)

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Anyone got experience looking for counselling/therapy on the NHS? Work have a mental health package but I'm struggling this winter and I could use a boost since I'm bloody terrified of going to my GP!

Hello Everyone!

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It's certainly been a long time!

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His account seems to say it is! Unsure what happened though, sorry!

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Hey guys, bit of help needed (pretty UK centric though)

Thank you Puddin, that's really helpful. I didn't realise you could self refer, I'll definitely look into it. And thank you for the understanding, I hope you find a doctor you can open up to again!

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Hey guys, bit of help needed (pretty UK centric though)

Its more GPs in general, I struggle with asking for help and tend to go to the doctor only when frogmarched. Last time I had a chest infection so bad I was getting miniscule amounts of oxygen compared to what I was supposed to... It might sound stupid but me being ill/not normal was such a huge hassle for people when I was younger that I always feel I'm time wasting and theres nothing that wrong with me

Maybe I'll just make a bullet point list and take that with me when I manage to schedule something!

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Hey guys, bit of help needed (pretty UK centric though)

Do you think they'll do it just on me asking for the referal?

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Perfect timing for me to need some advice...

God I completely understand where you are coming from, just make sure you take care of your own mental health and be aware it might be messy if/when you do need to kick him out.

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