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I am an ordained minister, published author, and editor of a local newspaper.

Where did you grow up?

Huron and Oxford Counties, Ontario Canada

Where do you live now?

Exeter Ontario Canada

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

Trade School Certificate

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?

Tech, and science

What's your favorite sport or sports?


What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

Computer Tech, Factory worker, Fast food, Carpentry, Property Maintenance, Cabinet making, Minister, Author, Editor-in-Chief of newspaper

What hobbies are you into?

Tabletop RPG Gaming, Fishing, Camping

What causes are you concerned about today?

The future of the Royal Canadian Cadet Corps.

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Universalism Christian

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For those of you in the USA, a site was shown to me in case you need assistance finding food/paying a bill or whatever.

written () ago

For those of you on mental health medication...

written () ago

How do you deal with the loss of productivity?

I am having an issue with… I don't even know.

written () ago

I guess my confidence.

I don’t know what to do now…

written () ago

Backstory: The building I work in has commercial space on the ground floor and apartments up above. My company was hired in part to be the super for the building. The building has never been properly maintained in the past 100 yrs. And there is absolutely structural damage. (Our company did what we could, but we didn’t have the budget to do much more than keep the apartments operational.) The building is comprised of 4 different adjoining sections.

Troubling times for us here at Help-QA

written () ago

It has been brought to my attention that there are people, members of our community, that don’t feel safe here.

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I think I'm in trouble.

My advice to you is to go and talk to your doctor right away.

Vomiting blood is never a good thing.

Please go and get checked out.

- written - voted for by ~CaraMia~, soco
Is emotional cheating just as bad as physical cheating or not as bad?

You should tell him how you feel. Good relationships are built on the trinity of: Trust, Communication, and Mutual Respect. This is true for all relationships whether romantic, professional, familial, fraternal, etc. And if one pillar is missing then the relationship is going to be miserable. If more than one is missing the relationship is almost guaranteed to fail

- written - voted for by verge, soco
Is it still summer weather where you live?

I'm always lurking, even if I don't get on often to be able to comment. 😊

- written - voted for by smiley
Send me good thoughts, prayers, whatever you do, for finding lost things.

Prayers coming your way!

- written - voted for by smiley
Does this novel already exist?

I look forward to it!

I didn't think my first book would ever get done... Now I have four published books and a few more on the way.

It really is just a matter of sitting down and starting. And don't worry about how good or bad it is. Just write the first draft. Editing is what makes the books good... not the writing.

- written - voted for by smiley
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so anyone still here?

I'm still here, lurking in the background. Sometimes it takes a while for me to find time to reply to things... but I'm still here. 😄

- written
How can I accept my daughter's boyfriend?

I'm glad I could help in whatever small way I can.

If you need to talk more feel free to reach out.

- written
How can I accept my daughter's boyfriend?

Age is still a number... But that does beg the question as to the nature of the relationship. When they first met in person, etc. Should the police be involved based on age, etc.

However, if things were done, where she was an adult when first meeting in person... as distasteful as it may be, I think you are still left with loving and supporting your daughter.

- written
How can I accept my daughter's boyfriend?

There is always the old adage that 'age is just a number.' Which I think is true.

However, if this relationship has been going on for eight years, and this is not the first meeting they've had... I don't know whether it is your place to accept this person or not.
I would say that your place would be to accept and support your daughter. No matter her choices.

There comes a time, when we have to let our kids fly. They have to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes.
Give your daughter your thoughts and opinions. Then let her make her choices, and support her decisions.

At most you have to be is cordial with him. You don't have to like or love him. All you have to do is love and support your daughter.

- written
What are/were your plans for Halloween?

Work, Work, Work, and more Work.

:( boo

- written Volunteer Moderator
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