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How is your New Year going so far?

My only plans as of now, is to survive.

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General Question here

Just doesn't care...

I would say he doesn't give a sh!t, but evidently he does give sh!ts. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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I dunno if its me

The answer is yes, the lights are getting brighter. With the new xenon, LED, and ultra-blue lights they are all brighter than standard headlights from years gone by. All in the goal to make it so the drivers can see more-- which they do-- while at the same time, they blind everyone else.

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Do any of you work remotely and own a puppy/rambunctious dog?

I have in the past.

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is this place still alive?

There are some still lurking. I try to peek in every few days.

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Hello, HelpQA~~I was a member of the original Help.com years ago and a member of the QA as well.

Welcome Back!

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So i like beans.

Sounds tastey.

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How to explain this grammar question...

Because if it was cut by large pieces... it implies the pieces are doing the cutting.

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Time dilation is a lie.

So, I found my math...

Earth to Proxima Centauri = 4.22 Light Years away
Constant-Thrust Trajectory (maneuver)
4.22 Light Years = 5 years @ 0.95m/s^2 = 0.5C
= 10 years travel time

So the theory is that the ship accelerated up to 0.5C stayed there for 5 years, then started the deceleration process.


t^1 = dilated time
t = stationary time
V = velocity
C = speed of light


=10yr โˆš(1-(0.42C^2)/C^2)
=10yr โˆš(1-(0.1764))
=10yr โˆš(0.8236)
=10yr * 0.9075
=9.075yr on the ship

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Time dilation is a lie.

If I understand time dilation properly, it is how things are effected by time/speed.

Yes, light leaves the star 1 million years away, and travels for 1 million years to reach here. (it is already travelling at light speed)

When an object increases speed to near-light speed, things change relative to its origin. The outside world seems to slow down due to the change in speed.
The trip for the object takes 1 million years from the point of view of the origin, but it takes less time from the perspective of the object.

For a novel I started, where a colony ship was going to Proxima B, I figured out the math... The trip from the perspective of Earth was going to take 10 years. On the ship it would take right around 9.
(I'll see if I can still find my notes for that story)

Now all of that said... part of the FTL drives, depending on the theory, is that the warp field/hyperspace/etc. is that it allows traversing vast distances without relativity affecting those inside the bubble.

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