Happy earth

I want our future to be Star Trek, not The Hunger Games.

Where did you grow up?

United States

Where do you live now?

United States

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

BS in Civil Engineering

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?


What's your favorite sport or sports?

Dog show

What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!


What hobbies are you into?

Space, inventions, and gardening

What causes are you concerned about today?

Human rights and sustainability

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?

Politicians are evil.

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Shia Islam

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Ex-husband wants overnight visits with my daughter.

written () ago

He abandoned her as an infant, and has repeatedly threatened to kidnap her, and even threatened to kill her once. Should I get a lawyer or wait and see whether he's willing to push the matter? I do not have any documentation of his threats.

Happy New year.....

written () ago

Well, another one survived.

Why are you here?

written () ago

I need to get out more.

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written () ago

I'm kind of lonely.

Any ideas for how to counter mob mentality?

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written () ago

Or how to break brainwashing?

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Are people inherently good or evil?

Inherently good, though selfish. We learn to be both better good, and also evil.

An infant is innocent, like an animal. He knows only his own need to survive, not malice nor compassion.

Our life experiences teach us to care about others, but they also teach us how to use others to our own gain.

- written - voted for by verge, Orchid
i hate humanity

Humans are the best and the worst of creatures. Recognizing the evil is only the start. After that you have to find the good, and if you can't find it you have to create it.

- written - voted for by Lawn, Jebus-Zeus
let us light a candle

NaCtHoMaN wrote:
more than enough.. but we have to capability to escape that extinction? if our minds were off the social ingenuity..far out!

An astrophysicist whose philosophical books I enjoy wrote about the difficulties surviving civilization. He theorizes that it might be quite rare for a species to survive its own technological advancement, due to ever-increasing energy demand.

- written - voted for by peter
It's about time for a relationship post.

What would happen if you tell girl #1 that you like her, but you are infatuated with someone else who doesn't feel the same way about you, and you don't want to hurt her by having divided attention?

Probably you'll end up with neither girl, but usually being honest is best.

- written - voted for by verge

NaCtHoMaN wrote:
im going to break the anonymity .. im the OP.. shame on me

You write well and your mind is interesting. I wish you friendship and contentment in your life.

- written - voted for by verge
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Have you ever seen a ghost/something supernatural?

Araz wrote:

I imagined that she said it very nonchalantly, like nbd smiley, ghosts of cats are around lol

She's very proud of her ghosts. In addition to the small black cat, her house has a tall teenage boy in old style clothing. Other people have seen the boy, but I haven't.

- written
Have you ever seen a ghost/something supernatural?


I saw a small black cat at my mom's house, commented about it, she said "oh, that's a ghost" . I am not sure I believe in ghosts, but I definitely saw a cat.

- written
Aaah, Valentine..!

I love several of y'all, but not in the Valentine's Day sort of way.

- written
Travelling without moving

Or seeing.

- written
Nobody else is going to start a post, looks like I'll have to talk to myself.

One of my relatives died of an overdose. Another died of complications related to alcoholism. They're both dead, no difference.

I don't know of anyone dying from weed. If we must have intoxicants, I'd rather they were safer ones.

- written
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