Happy earth

I want our future to be Star Trek, not The Hunger Games.

Where did you grow up?

United States

Where do you live now?

United States

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

BS in Civil Engineering

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?


What's your favorite sport or sports?

Dog show

What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!


What hobbies are you into?

Space, inventions, and gardening

What causes are you concerned about today?

Human rights and sustainability

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?

Politicians are evil.

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Shia Islam

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Pretty sure I'm invisible.

written () ago

I dyed my hair orange, and not one person noticed.

Anyone here have experience with non-verbal autism?

written () ago

My oldest son has autism, but he used phrases picked from books, videos, or songs to communicate when he was little, like the repairman in the movie Batteries Not Included. My youngest doesn't talk at all, and he's resisted our efforts to teach him to sign. He responded really well to picture cards for a few days, then stopped.


written () ago

Any ideas to help with seasonal allergies? Benadryl works but knocks me out, so I can only take it at night. My youngest child is suffering too. Aside from moving to a less pollen filled location or sealing ourselves in bubbles, what are some tried and true home remedies?

Anyone know what to do with a whole lot of bamboo shoots?

written () ago

Nobody will eat the bamboo shoot pickles. What should I try next?

What can I do to get my child to stop chewing his clothes?

written () ago

He only pretty recently started. When he was a baby he didn't even chew on his fingers. He's three years old and recently diagnosed with autism.

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i hate humanity

Humans are the best and the worst of creatures. Recognizing the evil is only the start. After that you have to find the good, and if you can't find it you have to create it.

- written - voted for by Lawn, Jebus-Zeus
mum is threatening suicide if i chase my dream.

If you are an able bodied and minded adult, you need to be able and willing to financially support yourself. If your mum is elderly or disabled, you should support her too.

Never give up your dream for others, but don't expect to be treated like a baby your whole life.

- written - voted for by Lawn
>>> Virtual HelpQA Party!

Mya wrote:

Btw, how do you upload the images? xx

I find a picture that I like on the internet, open the image in a tab, then copy the address and paste it here.

We can have balloons:


And aren't these the cutest sandwiches?

- written - voted for by Mya
I got Married year before.

Definitely let her have her party, endure it for the sake of creating a happy marriage.

It seems she's extroverted and you're introverted. Does she have friends nearby? Is she trying to rely on you for all her social needs? You both need to cultivate individual hobbies, as well as shared ones.

- written - voted for by soco
Pretty sure I'm invisible.

Actually auburn, but after I commented about it, my daughter called it "orange and red". My natural color is light brown with a beautiful silver stripe. I used to dye my hair fairly often, but hadn't since the silver came in because I like it so much. (It makes me look like a chubby middle aged version of Rogue from the X-Men.)

The silver does look rather dramatically orange now. I'm not surprised the zombies, er, I mean males didn't notice, but I was sure my daughter would.

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
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So I've started writing a new thing...

Frozen embryos would be feasible the not too distant future. Frozen human embryos have been grown in a woman years later, and I saw an article recently about a sheep being grown in an artificial womb. Maybe cattle aren't feasible, but certainly chickens, fish, maybe even goats - small livestock. I think live aquaculture (even on a spaceship) would work in conjunction with hydroponic gardening.

And lab grown meat is also very feasible in the not too distant future. In Asimov's Foundation series, the people ate a "meat" which was processed from yeast, though mushrooms could be the base just as easily, depending on available growing conditions.

- written
So I've started writing a new thing...

Padre_J_Roulston wrote:
Well... seasons are determined by axial tilt. If the tilt were similar to earth(23degrees), it would go from blazing heat to winter every few days...

I'm thinking of making it closer to that of venus (2degrees) where the seasons would be minimal.

Minimal seasons would result in either very, very regular weather patterns, or possibly no changes in weather at all. But unless it's relevant to the story, I don't think it matters. I assume they grow food. Growing season would be perpetual, except some earth plants might need adjustments - for example the seeds of some berries need to be frozen, many plants growth is connected to particular day length or sun angle, and so on. All of this could be taken care of in greenhouses.

Did they bring livestock, or are they vegetarian?

- written
So I've started writing a new thing...

Well I like it. Good start.

- written
So I've started writing a new thing...

But of the names suggested, I like Proxans.

- written
So I've started writing a new thing...

That's how you tell a colony planet versus a native lifeform planet - the creative names. I think that everywhere in the universe where life evolved/was created, the planet will be called some variation of "dirt" or "water". The planets that have been colonized will have names that appeal to their settlers.

First several generations would think of themselves as earthlings still, or maybe colonists. Later they might adopt the name of their home as part of their identity.

- written
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