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I’m Lano. I’m a Komodo Dragon. I speak Komodo Dragon, English, and a little of a couple of other human languages. I’m also fluent in otter and gueina pig.

Where did you grow up?

A jungle far away from where ever you are.

Where do you live now?

Right about here, more or less.

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

Advanced degree, and a doctorate in Komodo Dragon law.

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?

I just didnt like english or math

What's your favorite sport or sports?

Staring contest and the Art of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

Retail, data entry, philosophy

What hobbies are you into?

Gaming of all sorts, from video to boards

What causes are you concerned about today?

The cause of Truth.

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?

The one that is pro komodo dragon rights

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

The Komodo Dragons worship many gods which are unpronounceable for the short, deformed human tongue. They are glorious and beautiful to behold.

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Alien Covenant is not a good movie and we should stop watching new Alien films because it is so bad.

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I mean, Michael Fassbender aside. The writing. I mean. There was obviously very little effort put into the writing.


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Ever been in one where it feels like you re just a milestone to your SO? Like your part of the soduko puzzle of life that they're already done with? Not saying i feel that way right now but i have at times and trying to keep the help ball rolling.

I just tried to post a question and it errored out

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I'm drunk right now and probably no one is on by hi.

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By the way, this is great.

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Anyone else feel like this is home after the other site? Like soooooo much better. I love it. Thank you whoever did this.

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Solipsism (/ˈsɒlɪpsɪzəm/ from Latin solus, meaning 'alone', and ipse, meaning 'self') is the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist.

I think, therefore I am. But why not just, Think. Think. Think. And not bother to assume that I must be the one thinking. Maybe the thoughts belong to someone else. To assume the thoughts that appear in the head on these shoulders as these hands type are my own is just as good as to assume that the sandwhich that these eyes see in your hand is mine just because these eyes in this head see it.

There's a giveness to thoughts though-they're personal, no one else seems to hear them unless I open my mouth, and I can do it at anytime that I'm not asleep. How can the thoughts that I can hear that you cannot hear be yours and not mine? But might as well ask why the voice the deaf man cannot hear when he uses his mouth not be his and not mine when I hear it while it's just we two in the room.

- written - voted for by Kalinihta, Jebus-Zeus
I’ve been off my anxiety medicine for awhile now since I lost my health insurance a few months ago.

It sounds like the problem is that you need to get on your old medication as soon as possible. It could be that that is the root of all these problems. Not trying to be political here, but you might need yourself some Obamacare, it tied me over for two or three years when I was no longer covered by my parents insurance and before I was getting insurance through my job. I paid NOTHING for it. Check it out.

My girlfriend refused to get it because it was "too expensive" (she's getting insurance through her job now). Yet she dished out the penalty every year when she paid her income tax. Doesn't make sense to me.

Araz wrote:

I’ve stopped going out - the last three parties I was invited to, I skipped (hubby went without me and made up some excuse about me not feeling well.)

You weren't. You're having anxiety. That's a good reason not to go to a party.

Araz wrote:

I don’t feel like I have anyone to really talk to about my day to day problems. I don’t want to burden my husband with things he can’t “fix” and I don’t want my friends to think I’m not fun, especially since I rarely see them.

Depends on the friends. Some friends are easier to talk to and you can vent to them. Some friends are fun friends, you need to just destress by having fun with them, that can sometimes be better than venting.

Araz wrote:

(Does not feeling attractive make me shallow for focusing on my looks?)

I find that feeling attractive is a need that most women have. It's biological. Your husband has to help you with that by grabbing your butt and kissing you and telling you you're beautiful.

- written - voted for by verge
Let's talk about victim shaming.

Re writing my original comment cus im getting a lot of feels

I'm sorry to hear about your horrifying experience. The cultural climate can be tough on victims of sexual violence right now.

That said, I think that the president had no place to say anything about it but the facts. The mocking tone he used to describe her testimony was inappropriate and really unnecessary.

The issue the op is dealing with isn't whether or not cavanaugh did it. No one posting in this forum has any secret knowlege of that.

Neither does Donald Trump.

Not knowing the truth of the situation, would it have been right to block cav's appointment? Maybe, maybe not. I dont think i feel comfortable about it, but fair enough if you have the opposite view. The point is, Trump isn't making fun of the falseness of the accusation because he doesn't really know one way or the other. He's making fun of Ford for the act of accusing. Thats why trump is wrong.

Fine if we want to give a respected judge the benefit of the doubt. But even if it comes out tomorrow that dr. Ford's accussations are completely false, the president has no reason belittle her in a public forum. Leave that bs for the sean hannity's of the world. He's the goddamn President.

When Trump says this stuff he's not crapping on sexual assault victims, though they're the ones immeadiately hurt. He's crapping on every single one of us and yes we should all be embarassed. He's got a big damn mouth he needs to stuff it at least one time for each time he lets it do whatever it wants.

Furthermore making fun of accusers does nothing to help the falsely accused. It does not validate them. Only evidence and truth can do that. And the falsely accused dont find making fun of their accusers funny either. If you laugh at that you're taking pleasure in cruelty. Which is fine, we all find jokes in bad taste funny sometimes. But trump isnt a stand up comedian and he's making light of something he should take deathly serious.

- written - voted for by Aria
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Being one of the most incarcerated, sickest, overworked, dumbest, fattest, most full of sh*t nations in the world...

"The federal government literally equates how financially rich you are to how free you are in this place. Think about that for a minute."

Is that really true? It LITERALLY does? What does that mean? Where does it say in the constitution that financial wealth and freedom are equal or even directly correlated? Did the President say that? Did he LITERALLY say that, or did he imply it?

It's statements like that that make it hard for people to take a post seriously...

- written
A Housemate..

So, being a guy is not an excuse to not wash your hands...that's kind of gross.

I get it. I don't wash my hands EVERY single time. If I didn't wipe my butt or get any pee on my hand, and I just don't feel like getting my hands wet, then I might not wash them. But most of the time, yes, I wash them.

The thing is...there's no delicate way to tell a person...please wash your hands. You kind of have to say...look...I expect my roommate to wash their hands. Even if you just pretend to wash them for my peace of mind. But you really should. What if you just wiped your butt and all of a sudden you get an itchy eye?

Is he cooking the food? and just for himself? Maybe you wouldn't mind the smell so much if you were eating it too? Does he offer? That's kind of odd to me, do you always just do your own thing for dinner? What kind of food is it?

- written
Hey, I want a name for my cake decorating business so wondering if any of you have any ideas?

Shake n' Bake. And a racing theme.

- written
A Housemate..

I never lived without anyone except for my family....

But I wouldn't put up with unfairness...that stuff gets old on me quick. Also, if you have an issue with something I'm doing, tell it to me calmly. Don't get pissed or try to make me feel like an inconsiderate idiot. Use your words.

We were all raised differently with different expectations on what to do around the house, so take that into account, be polite, try to accommodate, but make sure it's fair.

- written
Hey, I want a name for my cake decorating business so wondering if any of you have any ideas?

The Cake is Not a Lie.

If it's pastries in general: "Take the Cannoli"

- written
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