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Help me...find some new websites with interesting content to hang out on.

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I'm bored with my usual haunts, and am looking for things that are unusual and quirky; bonus points if there's a discussion board or busy comment section, too. Pretty much "family friendly" only, please.

The original site was always busy, and I don't think for a moment there are fewer people needing help.

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So it follows this new version just isn't being "found" or isn't showing up when people are looking for answers.

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Everyday I want to crawl into a hole and be alone.

I think the "secret" is to always be the most kind person in the world to yourself. Others will be critical, so that's a role you don't have to play. Instead, just always think of yourself as your own favorite child, and think kind things.

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Am I asking a question?

DragonLady wrote:
But...I think everyone is benefitted if they wait a few years and spend some time just being grown up and free first.

Agree 100% [/quote]

(nods) I do believe it's important to be 100% free, not "wait and see" free. So that's why I'm an advocate of putting the hard truth on the table right away, letting the cards fall where they will with time and circumstance. When one builds the life they want, the right person to share it becomes easier to recognize.

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The original site was always busy, and I don't think for a moment there are fewer people needing help.

I think we active members may have another method to help to make it better, but it will take some time & a bit of work.

Each day, we need to each start a topic that starts with "help me"

"Help me I'm bored" or "help me plan a party" or "help me choose a new car" or "help me with _______" whatever.

We can move up in the search engines for keywords if they appear often enough, and "help me" is probably the one most important for people who are really needing help. If we attach it to a variety of different topics, we can be more assured of being found by those who are looking.

- written - voted for by WritetheHeroine, Rockster160
Advice needed.

Change the self-defeating voice in your head to one that never, ever, ever abandons or judges you.

You choose the way you speak to yourself, and when you change that, everything else changes, too.

Instead of "oh, what a loser I am" make it "okay, that didn't work; I'll try again". It might take some time and practice, but you can do it.

- written - voted for by Yorick
Nobody else is going to start a post, looks like I'll have to talk to myself.

I've never been to any of those meetings, but I do understand about the constant talk making you miss the substances you were abusing.

I went through similar when I switched to vaping. Everyone I knew either smoked, or wanted to discuss my choice to switch, and I finally had to pretty much isolate myself from everyone for a while.

Maybe you can bring the issue up at the meeting, and ask others how they deal with it?

- written - voted for by Sherlock
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I need help.

Are you okay?

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rucka rucka

Sadly, the userbase dwindled quickly when the "" url was sold to some other outfit. :(

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Life sucks.

Riches have wings. The person who is dirt poor today may be a billionaire tomorrow, and vice-versa. Try not to base your happiness on money, but instead on things that cannot be purchased -adventure, experience, family, friends, knowledge, skills, can make a life out of just learning everything there is to know about one subject, and once you're entirely focused on that, the money and financial obligations often take care of themselves.

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I need help.

what's up?

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My condolences to his family and friends the world over.

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