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Why is the saying no good deed goes unpunished.

Being truly altruistic always ends in a cost (or punishment) for the altruism.

When you give, give without expectation. Otherwise it’s not a good deed. It’s a self serving one

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Purely sociological, honest question:

Lano wrote:
I've been thinking about something I heard a historian say about the middle ages.

Death related to pregnancy and childbirth was apparently REALLY common back in the old days.

I wonder if there really is a lean in men to be more superficial if it's based on that. Wanting to mate with women who have physical characteristics geared towards surviving childbirth (wide hips). I mean, that's probably not an original idea, but something that occurred to me.

I think there is a unconscious attraction to women with wide hips for that reason.

On a similar note I fear that with all the c sections, women with wide hips will become less and less.

I think it’s only the west that is a bit superficial with looks. But then again, people around the world like different things. In England, pale and ginger used to be the trend. After that I think it was larger people, as it was seen as a statement that that person had a healthy supply of food.

I think BA1 is wrong. Fake magazine world is all about looks and status. But in the real world people don’t look like models and they fall in love based on personality (mostly)

- written
Will someone who had the coronavirus tell us the timeline and symptoms.

4 years ago I had a terrible cough. So bad that I couldn’t walk 100 metres without being out of breath. I fractured ribs from coughing. ( I regularly ran 10k at the time) it lasted 3 months at its worst, was 6 months before I could actually exercise again and 18 months before it completely went away ( I had coughing fits where I just couldn’t stop)

Obviously it wasn’t COVID 19 but it was hell all the same. Maybe you cough is something similar. Have you been tested? Is your government testing? Get a test for Covid if you can. And get well soon.

- written
What does the world see when they look at the USA now?

Extreme is the word I would use for the US.

Everyone seems to be extreme left or extreme right.

I think it’s sad to see. I think trump is the wrong president, I think he’s suffering mental decline, he’s egotistical And narcissistic. And because of that he has no filter and says things that he should not be saying. He’s incoherent most of the time. A terrible communicator.

But I also think the media is toxic and skewed. Only writing for the shock factor, again, very extreme and whipping up hate for either side.

I wish America could be more together. The UK too. Divide and conquer. And they sure are dividing us.

- written

My car is 17 years young. Bought for £1000, and I've had her about 7 years now. Shes a dream to drive, no major work on her. 96k miles. Ive had my moneys worth from her. And I have no plans to sell her until I need a bigger vehicle, I'll be going from a small hatchback to a crafter lwb van. And even then I might keep her if i can afford to.

Personally I dont like the commitment of large monthly payments. I dont see the point for vanity reasons. I would rather enjoy my life, cars get me from A to B. And the van will allow me to travel and see the world.

I think the trick is to not care what people think. My neighbours are constantly leasing new cars. Trying to out do each other with audi's and SUV's. Its all about status, but are they happy? Do they have money to do the things they love? No, because my neighbour has had to come out of retirement and take another job just to keep up with the Jones's.

Do what makes you happy.

- written
I kept on smelling leather wherever I go!!

What if it’s a hand bag?

- written
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