What causes are you concerned about today?

Is this a trick question?

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:) How are you all?

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Iโ€™ve been stuck here for such a long time I donโ€™t think I will ever get out.

Having money is far less important if you have support. I'm sorry you don't have support.

As far as having nothing.... maybe try to find something positive that you have...

Since becoming a mom, I have often felt that same "what's the point...."I feel like I need to contribute to society as a whole... and I'm feeling more and more incompetent for that.

So, I've decided to "bloom where I'm planted" and to try to change my little corner of the world and be positive. Maybe you could do that, too? It's a mindset shift. Being happy for what you have and where you are versus trying to make a bang....

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I'm so glad to see this site I thought it was gone forever !!!!

aeolian wrote:
The maturity of the helpers on help is astounding. Freak faceboik and its millenial vibe of selfies. This is real down to earth homies with real personalties

I would have to agree. We've all grown a little and learned a little.

I have looked and looked and looked over the years for a site where people could TALK. And where there might be fun innuendo/flirting, but NO PERVING. I was on a site where that stuff was minimal (perv stuff), but there was no substance to it....nobody actually DISCUSSED issues, lives, current events, hopes, dreams. There is no "family" feeling there, like there is here

So, yeah, as someone up there ^^^^^ said, I can gush and gush about this site :)Finally found a safe place to call home and where we can all get reacquainted.

And, I do have fb...but fb is sort of a love/hate relationship. In some instances, it's the only way I can keep up with some of my loved ones (sadly that it's not PERSONAL upkeeping of the relationship and it has deteriorated to online)...and on fb, everything seems to be overly optimistic and full of "fake success..." I mean...I KNOW those people who post about their perfect lives...and it's not at all as they make people believe ;)

One of my best friends moved to Hawaii and another to California. It's been 3-4 years now, and it broke my heart to have them move so far away. I have not developed or nurtured close female relationships since...and I miss that. You all on Help, though, is kinda like a bff ;)

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Merry Christmas, Anon!

I have to say that sometimes I don't get back to people on fb. Sometimes I don't text people back in a timely manner. Sometimes I don't call people back as soon as I should.

It's not at all a reflection on how I feel about those people waiting to hear from me.

Rather, it's a reflection of what a hectic, crazy life I lead and sometimes I don't have time.

Better yet: sometimes I DO have time, but I would prefer to take a nap. Or nurse a headache. Or eat. Or play dinosaurs with my son....

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Do you think stay at home moms are lazy?

I feel the same.... I brought in good money before kids and I was somewhat "accomplished." We would not have done it if I had not alteady purchased 2 homes prior to marriage. Obviously we lived in one and continued to have the other rented out for maybe a year. When I sold that home, I made a nice profit that took care of about a year of my income, so that made me feel better about my "contribution."
And....being a SAHM meant that there were no work conflicts when my 2nd was born and was in NICU for 8 wks and had serious health issues for her first 2 years. I COULD give my all to her and not worry about losing a job.
When my mom fell and broke her leg, since I wasn't working, I was free to go to her house and cook and clean for her.
When my Granny broke her hip and had surgery and then had bladder surgery, I was able to go to her house and cook and clean for her... and to drive her to phys therapy, etc
When my Grandpa started to get dementia, and my Grandma was overwhelmed, I was able to go and relieve her one day a week (this was very hard because at this time, I had 2 in diapers and one potty trained...but gpa was also in diapers and he would yell and scream, scaring my kids.... but thank God I was able to help her out)
When my friend's PTSD got so bad....I was able to be there
When my husb tore his bicep and had surgery....I was able to take care of everything without having to worry about a job...
Kids' tonsillectomies, doc appts, sporting events, activities, recitals, sick days, broken arms, dentist appts, etc.... didn't have to take "paid time off...."
I get up most mornings before everyone and make breakfast. Dinner is usually home made and healthy vs slapped together junk.
Many, many friends (and even people who were strangers) have had snags in their lives and jobs caused issues with life... I've been that friend to pick up their sick kids from school, etc
Also.. I have volunteered extensively and have my kids volunteer too. We do soup kitchens, I have tutored people in shelters to help them get their GEDs etc.

Being a SAHM makes me feel like I'm "not contributing" at times... and society sometimes sees SAHMs as useless... but we do have a role, if we do it right ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Last post before I go back into hiding.

Hey Aeolian, welcome back. Don't go into hiding again :'(

What are you proud of?

As for me, kind of a "hum drum" life. I'm proud of being a mom and my kids make my life happy.

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Which is better way to get physically fit(easier and quicker)?

Great video

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I have a choice - I can take an offer for a manager in training program at 16 dollars an hour for 1-3 months and move into a manager role that will pay a 45k-50k salary a year.

Wow. You really thought that out^^^^^

Good deal for you

I'd still go with the making more money option, even if you pay more taxes. You still have more in your pocket at the end of the year, and it will be easier to get a raise/jump jobs/move up to a new bracket to 60k (for instance) if you're already making 50k

Maybe put the extra 4k or whatever it is (I'm NOT doing the math ;) ) and put it in an IRA

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A Housemate..

Having said that ^^^^ the things that piss me off about room mates are slutty ones; ones who drink to excess (or do drugs); and ones who are slobs.

In that order

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A Housemate..

I've had room mates off and on through my whole life. In college, of course. But also throughout my adult life from time to time, including now.

In college, the biggest drawback was that my room mate was a sleaze and had guys over every night. I either couldn't go back to the room most nights and hung out in the student lounge...or I would wake up to find some new guy in the bed across the room

When I was in my early 20's, I bought my first house. 3 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms. Mortgage was $602 a month. I rented each of the bedrooms out for $300/mo. It worked well. We were all single working adults. I had a guy and a girl for a year and then the girl moved out and I got another female room mate. I would never have lived alone with 2 guys.

Then, we (my husb and I with our 4 kids) are trying to build up as much cash as possible to buy another house. So we took on room mates. We've had 2 sets of 2 now for a little over a year. The first couple of people were fine. This second set of people suck. We are closing on the new house in Feb., though, and they are not moving with us. Although we will most likely (once again) get two new room mates. Rent is so high in this area right now that it's pretty attractive making the passive income that is really not taxed from room mates. It pays over half the mortgage.

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if i were the president of the world

NaCtHoMaN wrote:
i dont want to sound like a trumpster.. but america's got enough problems. what i cant stand is the political fat cat crony manipulation of the government.

Not necessarily a Trumpster, just someone with a basic knowledge of the deep pockets that are had by the govt and it's well oiled machine

And I agree.

NaCtHoMaN wrote:

bleah .. i dont feel like doing home work .. could someone tag me out and finish up my point.

I would, but I have a headache....

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