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Max here.Do I have to create a new membership to log on here?

written () ago

When this site happen?

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We should make this a secular site.

Anonymous wrote:
Sorry you wish to place blame and hatred on a religion you clearly know nothing about.

What I gather is you were born homosexual. Then you met someone who pretended to be Christian and got into your head.

So now you have made it your job to protect others from the turmoil you endured.

Sorry to say but the vast majority of us are just fine. You on the otherhand?

Let us pray...

Not a good reply. Assumptions, how they were born and what they've done...none of your business. I'm not part of your "us". Pray for yourself and forgiveness:)

P.S. I'm not gay but if I were; again none of your business.

- written - voted for by soco, SerenelyBlue
My sister-in-law passed away early this morning.

Sorry to hear of your lost. Prayers for strength and peace my friend. Being there and listening is the best you can do.

- written - voted for by smiley
My skills are failing me, and I know some of you are better at finding things than me...

I've gotten them from the provincial government, mapping department. The DND have them as well as the printers to print them. Search and rescue maybe can direct you.
Skills are't failing buddy, you just need a vacay:) Grab a rod and go fishing.

- written - voted for by Padre_J_Roulston
Why does the app for my robot vacuum cleaner need access to my photos and contacts?

Selling or analyzing your data is what they do.

- written - voted for by Kalinihta
Gift card guilt.

No you'll be fine. That' what they do...all the time.

- written - voted for by smiley
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Question 5...Wednesday

Evansent wrote:
Looking straight into the eyes of someone knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life with them.
My Husband (God rest his soul) The first time I ever felt love at first sight.

Giving birth to my first born, again looking into his eyes .Best experience and wake up call to have.
This little bundle of joy you will sacrifice anything for to keep him safe and protected.

Worst. Watching my Hubby die in my arms, screaming for help watching the paramedics frantically trying to get his heart beating again. Watching that flat line, then feeling his spirit leave his body that was my worst wake up call. Everything changed then in a blink of an eye he was gone.
Two days later or it might have been more I heard his whisper my Name โ€œAngieโ€ So for those who donโ€™t believe that anything is out there I can tell you there is. And that is a fact.

Thank you for sharing that. May God Bless you.
I understand that my ignorance to this is a blessing!

- written
I'm going to find a new job.

Good companies and co-workers are rare and time keeps moving. Being healthy, happy and comfortable is a good place to be. Power and responsibility only works if your paid well:)

- written
A Concern:

Help in different ways is always here. Just a slow period:)

- written
What does this mean?

My experience tells me you're in a place with high turn over and drama or clicky as they say.

- written
Until tonight I never truly understood how people could be awoken by anxiety...

Welcome to getting older and being an "A" personality:). Time management for the brain is an on going life style. We all need an outlet. For us it's traveling on weekends and planning little adventures. Sleep is over rated anyway. What will be, will be:)

- written
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