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so anyone still here?

written () ago

Let it go let it go

written () ago

Thanks to jetmoo, I found my way back here, anyone still around?

written () ago

Why do I still come back here?

written () ago

Do I need help? With what? I don't know


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Why do I still come back here?

I love you all though and of story still next time

- written - voted for by Jetmoo, Padre_J_Roulston
What does it mean when you look into someone’s eyes and feel something and is that even possible?

People are always like don't trust someone who can't look you in the eye, bullshit

- written - voted for by BA1, NacthoMan
Just thought I'd put this out there.

i remember when it was

- written - voted for by Rockster160
Being one of the most incarcerated, sickest, overworked, dumbest, fattest, most full of sh*t nations in the world...

Anonymous wrote:
why dont people like Trump and you leave the US if you hate it so much... maybe you'll feel at home with other America haters like UAE?

because the guy is dumb as rocks

- written - voted for by mo84
How come my cat smells like a cat

probably because it is a dog

- written - voted for by BA1
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so anyone still here?

i am pretty ok on social media i have a idea

- written
I actually need help

Why am I anonymous

- written
Name three things you'd like the new US government to do.

Unify both parties, highly unlikely but one can hope..... covid needs to be mandated way more... universal Healthcare, more taxes on the wealthy that goes to the poor, oh wait is that socialism or humanism? Honestly in a reality world I wish everyone would be equal and pay for everyone blah blah blah but I'm living in usa

- written
This isn't what you'd call a light-hearted post.

I can speak for reality and hate but not movies

- written
Im still thinking laying in the bath and taking my tablets and lay sleeping there sounds peaceful.

I will personally travel across seas assuming I might have too and slap you back to reality

- written Volunteer Moderator
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