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Is this site still owned by CBS?

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What age range would an ABCs book cater to 2-6 or 3-6?

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My sixteen year old has been asleep for over 40 hours.

smiley wrote:
We had a conversation about it. He says he might be depressed but doesn't want to see a doctor because they will prescribe antidepressants, which he doesn't want to take because he has friends who are on them and they aren't the same person as before.

And then he ate breakfast and did yard work for me. He seems to enjoy doing yard work.

he can talk to a doctor and either not take anti depressants or get the one thats right for him. talking with a professional can help

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I am upset, i grew up with alot of you, and no one is left...

DocteurRalph wrote:
Yeah it's never going to be the same. I really miss it too. All the traffic was incredible, so many people with so many problems and a half dozen of us online all the time. And like mo84 said it's different here because we all know each other and it's harder to share.


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I am upset, i grew up with alot of you, and no one is left...

it was a nice idea bringing the site back but its truly not the same. very few people are left, very few are ever online. usually when I'm online I'm the only person online and it used to be very different there used to be a lot of people online with me the last time this site was up. I also cannot donate because of personal problems and dont feel comfortable raising my issues here because its just not the same anymore

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So I go into a walk in clinic around 2 weeks ago, they say I have the flu, prescribe me tamiflu, so I take it, the next day I'm in the hospital for two weeks for allergic to tami flue, plus the flu

Hi Dani,
I've been missing you a lot. Sorry you had to go through this and get well soon (sorry for the late reply)

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Religion - Sad or Angry

I'd be sad but you should see a therapist to help you through this. Its a lot to deal with.

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