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Thinking of moving to USA, i know its massive so am trying to figure out where would be the best place for me to move too.

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About me and what am I looking for

Oh man this is nostalgic!!

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Seriously, when did this happen!? Yey help(dot)com is back (help-qa)

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This life

Very well written, this existence and life are truly absurd.

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That evil "control key."

control + z to the rescue :)

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So we have to come to a decisionโ€ฆ Helptogo is being shut down, and they have offered us to buy the domain, and more importantly the info (as helptogo does still have all the old posts from the

Original db or not, it will require some cleaning and refactoring to fit the website db.

My main concern would be the sudden increase of data that might make the website very slow thus requiring an urgent optimization etc... Unless we create special archive tables then things should be less disruptive.

For me peoples attitude and morality are key, I rather drown then be saved by a dick like Ryan

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I donโ€™t have anything worth living for.

Sometime it feels like life is too painful to deal with, sometime its ok, and some other time its beautiful. Its the cycle of our existence. Do try to find things that make you happy like hobbies etc...

I personally do volunteering and i find that it gives my life purpose.

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How to stop stress?

I would highly encourage you not to go the medication road. Take the more natural way, we all have stress, some more than others. However, I believe its in your best interest, to find natural and constructive way to relief the stress and maybe become more enlighten about the stress itself and become more accepting and see things in a new perspective that might lower your stress.

These are things that work for me to relief stress and give purpose and sense to my existence:
- Football (soccer)
- Nature (forest and mountain with a nice breeze)
- Writing
- Music
- Gym
- Volunteer
- PC Games
- Rollerblading

Concerning relationship, I would advise you to open up for relationship, if you had a bad experience with girls, that doesnt mean all are bad. Just have to be careful not to make same mistakes you did earlier.

Even tho you had a bad experience with your friend. You shouldnt block yourself from having new friends. But lesson learn, dont trust all your money with a friend, money has a way in changing people (in general). Do open up for new friendship. Family is always nice to have too...

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Programming Help

To persist your data you need something called "database", to get the information from the database you need "SQL".

So your web server can host both the database and the backend language to fetch the Php for example would fetch the data from the database and return it to the front-end (client).

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I got Married year before.

As mentioned, it seems you two have a different personality, introvert and extrovert.

I would advise you to talk with her and see how important it is for her. If its very important, i would advise you to go with it. If it sounds less important to celebrate it with half the population, suggest to do something just the two of you.

Relationship, is about compromise, the more you have different core values and personality. The more effort the relation requires.

I think you need to communicate more and get to know and understand her and her needs and ofcourse talk about your own needs.

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My sister-in-law passed away early this morning.

There isnt much you can do, your physical and mental support is enough.

Am sorry for your loss.

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