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i am a 28 year old female. im a vey kind loving person with a big heart.

i am severely disabled and rely on carers to care for me. i have severe M.E and I think I have aspergers too in mild form but enough to affect my life!

my life mostly revolves around trying to get more care hours funding as it puts my life at risk without it. i have been fighting this battle for the past year.

i have cogntion difficulties which are not always visible from the outside or beyond a keyboard and my mental capacity can sometimes flicker if I use too much energy. reason I tell people this is, so i can ask that people always give me the benefit of a doubt if i come across the wrong way. many misunderstand me and it gives me anxiety and i get frightned of more misunderstandings.

so i tell pepople about my illness so i have reaasurrance of others not misunderstandig me.

i have been bedbound since last January , unable to leave the bedroom let alone go utside. i am severely affected by sensory input as part of M.E, not just aspergers and it worsen my symptoms, so my quality of lfe is very limited.

actually writing on here makes me unwell but its something i enjoy when i can.

i do need to take a break from it.

Where did you grow up?


Where do you live now?


What is the highest level of education you have attained?

A level

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?

music at school
Biology at college

What's your favorite sport or sports?

i used to love running, riding my bike, which i cant use right now and has been hanging from my utility room wall for past few years as I want to one day ride it again.

What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

care assistant in care home before I had to leave due to ill health

What hobbies are you into?

i have alot of hobbies but i dont get to actually follow them. these days I am throughly grateful and happy when i can do painting with water in a those special books. howevere doing it makes me more unwell so my focus is on getting bettter, which cant be done until i get correct level of care. so fighting for my care is my life right now so that im also able to follow private treament and recover some quality of life.

What causes are you concerned about today?

racism, poverty, war including when those from my country go to war ( i dont understand ANY fighting. to me two wrongs dont make a right and fighting only feeds the fire)
homelessness, lack of funding to support those who need it egmental hospitals, our health system, social services and our benefit system.
politics, discrimination and prejudice, drug addiction, suicide rates increasing, global warming and animal extinction and decline. ill health becoming more common and severe. ...... many things. M.E being treated as if it s a mental illness when it is not and the deaths caused from this this. climate change, rediculous academics aims in schools these days making children have mental health problems. employment disadvatages support services having lesss funding. BREXIT! refugees (theyre humans too)

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?

labour or green party

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

i believe in God. i like to call him Jehovah :) but i do not actually follow any religious books or go to any religious place.

i like to believe in God and have my own unique beliefs in my own way.

i also think i believe in angels

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I should not be listening to music.

written () ago

But, what do you think the lyrics mean?

Any thoughts on this please?

written () ago

Dear. Dr,

What about calling the site help

written () ago

Wud that not bring more users? People wud be more inclined to write help me into google and easier find it?

written () ago

This post is my safe place for holding onto bits im learning about the bible...

written () ago

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Don't let anyone tell you that Trump couldn't have done more about COVID-19

I think john F kennedy was possibly the best president u ever had. I doubt u will get another one. But all people are imperfect.

i don't think God works that way. The world has to get bad before it gets better. It humans who choose it to be this way with the actions they chose everyday but many blame God for mans actions. Man thought he knew better and this is why we have so much corruption through the world But soon God will take all the badness away.

I dont think its a matter of voting for the most intelligent but the one whose heart is true.

It may seem a duty to democracy but the bible in different wording says, to pay the government's dues to the government and pay Gods to God.

So to myself if something a human wants me to do that clashes with my father than i chose God above them. But i also understand you dont believe in God. These are my views

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Everyone's constantly going on about mental health.

The other thing... when i was having heart failure symptoms and on verge of life and death. I felt like it was time to say good bye and it was my time to go.

I stopped feeling so upset and angry at others and felt a sense of forgiveness like none of it mattered anymore. None of the hurt mattered and that those ppl who hurt me just didnt understand. They were like children who didnt understand. I could forgive them. It wasnt their fault they didnt understand.

That sense of peace.. forgiveness.. probably came to that person too.

Im not saying that u were to blame at all. Sometimes things just happen. We dont know whats really going on in others heads. All we can do is our best. And its a hard world cos we always have to take care of ourselves too and u were probably trying to take care of yourself too. U probs found it hard to deal with and maybe didnt know how best to deal with it.

You and me and all of us, we are all like children who dont have all the answers. We r all still learning. We all make mistakes or lessons rather.

If u look into a rear view mirrow for too long in a car u will crash. Same with life. Look back for a small amount of time just to recall the lessons to take them and apply them to ur future as u drive forward in life

- written - voted for by Gone, Araz
What is the reason people drive in very loud cars?

Cos they want everyone to notice them like look at me! Everyone look at me!, I have a car! Iโ€™m amazing I have a car! My self worth is based on the fact I have this car! Look how amazing I am!

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What about calling the site help

NacthoMan wrote:
not bad with the search words would be spot on.. .. but sounds dreadful and overly needy. i would commence a trial run.

I guess it does sound needy but many people who are really needy would be pleading help me please wont someone help me?

For those who desperately need help it fits well and those peoppe who need help the most might find the site easier?

I knows thats not 100% pc but cant do better just now

- written - voted for by BA1
I think im gonna end up having another nervous breakdown to be honest.

I feel better than i did before. Dont think i will have a breakdown now. I think ill be safe. Haha bloody hell life man. At least my dr thinks i have capacity. That means i am safe.

Not sure if i should share mental health with him or should i stick with physical health for a while first.

Oh my goodness

- written - voted for by Cregyn
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I feel like sum1 has hacked my tech.

soco wrote:
The truth is out there. No giants though... unless you're talking baseball.

There have been giant skeletons discovered and they were also mentioned in the bible.

- written
I feel like sum1 has hacked my tech.

NacthoMan wrote:
actually i think we need to worry about dinosaurs.. since they all want to bring em back

No worries if that is true because the bones are not proven to be real anyway.
I would be more concerned about them using the bones of the discovered giants and bring those back.

Giants were real. Dinosaur bones all locked away in vaults so mo one can see. Only allowing people to see plastercasts.

And the bones that were said to support the evolution between ape and man were all found to be either ape, man or another specie all together.

Man does not like to damage his reputation when shown to be wrong so these truths are not wide spread. And giant remains dumped in the ocean

I think dinosaurs were a manmade manifestation to make people doubt God.

- written
so whats the future here?

Sorry for my reaction. Times are hard and i was having a really bad day x

- written
so whats the future here?

NacthoMan wrote:
@Jetmoo you would be surprised.. im all for the lord one and only. i know how existence is not a mistake. it happened and happening now. nuff said.

Ah please except my apologies. I didnt know. My memory is not so great. Its nice to hear that you also believe.

Yes revelations certainly are our present. Gods kingdom is what keeps me going many a times.

Gratitude in our loves ones but having hope for a better future

- written
I feel like sum1 has hacked my tech.

This is why we shouldnโ€™t trust technology.

- written
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