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How can I accept my daughter's boyfriend?

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He is much older than her, and the relationship began in one the worst ways; lots of lies on the part of my daughter..

Housemate trouble

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After three months living here, one of my 7 housemates found out that I have a daughter almost his age. Since then he turned hostile..

Home network safety in a share house

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I live with up to 5 other housemates when the house is full. A few weeks ago I got a notification from a social networking site that someone logged in into it and the IP address they reported was for my house, and it was a different browser to what I ever used. I was not using that social networking site at that moment.

Hatred Diary II - PD

written () ago

..'You are not important'

Help me with..

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Iphone, please.

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the new me ow.

So, sorry to learn about your health issues, NacthoMan, and the impact not only on your finances, but your whole lifestyle.

I can relate as my daughter's had various health issues for well over a decade, and I work with kids with various health issues, disabilities, and autism etc.

I have to admit that I find it much harder to deal with my own daughter's disabilities than those of the kids at work. I have plenty of patients at work, but with my own daughter I struggle to have enough patience for all the adjustments that impact our lives daily. And it is much harder to watch own child suffer, being constantly in pain etc.

I do hope that you will have enough support, NacthoMan, and depending which diabetes you have, although inconvenient, it can be managed by food pretty well. Counting carbs is a burden, but it will get easier as you will get to know the food, and it will become your second nature.

Hope you will adjust well, and will be able to stay positive for the future.

Working with kids with so many health issues, was extremely rewarding for me and humbling as well. I've looked after a boy who had been fighting a brain tumour for over 5 years! It returned three times within that period in different parts of his brain.

It affected him in every way you can think of. After the first surgery, although successfuly removing the tumour, left him without the ability to walk, to talk, or to swallow. It also affected his sight, and hearing. He ended up in a wheelchair, communicating through sign language, being fed by a tube, on chemo for years, and the boy did not complain once!!! He was so amazing always considering other people and their feelings, often putting others before him, and always full of joy and making jokes. He touched lives of everyone who encountered him. So, it is possible to shine through impossible as this boy's proven; hope you will, too.
All the best x

- written - voted for by NacthoMan
What bits of wisdom has life taught you?

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst :))

It's not work hard, play hard..
It's work smarter, play crazier.. ;)

2019 Avoid Negative People
2020 Avoid Positive People
2021 Avoid People x

- written - voted for by smiley
For those of you on mental health medication...

I have never taken any meds for my mental health for the same reason. The side effects, and tiredness, outweigh the benefits, but for some people some meds work.

My daughter takes meds for her anxiety, especially when she has a panic attack, and those do work. Perhaps you should ask in a forum that specializes on depression; people there will have more experience with meds and side effects.

I do hope you will find the right solution soon. Battling depression is tough.

What helped me to stop depression some decade ago, was a Biblical Counselling book by Ed Welsh - Depression, Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness.

- written - voted for by noonelikesaknowitall
Hatred Diary II - PD

Oh, thank you, @BA1 xx

i don't know what happened to the links, and honestly I don't remember what they were exactly.. I can't view them now either. Something along the lines of narcissists and freedom after dating them.

And thank you, i just needed to get the pain out of me..
Sorry, you had a similar experience lately :(

I hope i won't fall for another narcissist ever again.. but that never ever worked with me; so probably i'll be pouring my pain out some time again. But wish you all the best, and hope you will have that 'happily ever after' soon.. x

I'm a loner, but stupidly always think that im not and try again..

PS: Hope this one works -

- written - voted for by BA1

i don't understand politics.. but if it is true, then it does not look good.. :/

- written - voted for by BA1
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Feeling like I need large amounts of morphine right now...

pinocchiothepuppet2 wrote:

Cregyn wrote:

pinocchiothepuppet2 wrote:
Seems as if a collective effort to sabotage such efforts.

What do you mean by this?

It means I can't trust anyone. No matter what I do, there's always some c*nt blocking me.

Sorry for late reply. I think I understand your frustration. I know quite a few people who you would call 'unlucky', and there does not seem to be anything that they can do to break this 'curse'. Most of them suffered quite severe trauma in their childhood..

My theory is that if this trauma was somehow resolved, then the 'curse' would be broken. However, that is easier said than done.. I myself don't know what exactly needs to be done, but I do have hope and keep trying. And I have hope for you, too. x

- written
Feeling like I need large amounts of morphine right now...

Hi, I wonder, would you say you might be suffering from depression? Or is it just a general unhappiness? Are there people who love you in your life/who you love?

pinocchiothepuppet2 wrote:
Seems as if a collective effort to sabotage such efforts.

What do you mean by this?

My only motivation to keep going was my daughter. And we have been through a LOT! Now she's all grown up, and does not need me any more (well, most of the time), I do struggle to find joy in life overall.

I do have hobbies that make me very happy temporarily while I'm doing them. I have friends that make me happy. I like my job, if only it paid more.. But overall, since my daughter stopped needing me, I feel kind of empty. I am not depressed, perhaps sad, but I still keep going.

I have done lots of work on myself over the years, psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical etc, you name it, I likely have done it. The God thing kept me going for quite some time until it went all disastrously wrong and now I am longing for that closeness with the Creator, but can't find it again..

I do hope you will find that positive motivation to keep going and finding true joy. Drugs may be a temporary solution; I have never tried, but have friends who have, and they have spent years and years in treatment/meetings to help them stay away from drugs, and sadly have lots of health issues as a consequence. So, you might like to think of a solution in a long run?

- written
Its been a year and 2 months...

Welcome back, BananaLlama, and really soryy you are tired, stressed, and overwhelmed with the worst things all at once. :(

Is any of it something you would like to talk about?

- written
Peace and Love to all.

A great idea, Lano! Love, peace and blessings to all.

PS: I'm not too good with forgiveness, sadly, so still hope all my ex-es will go to hell. O:)

- written
So I am still here I am actually doing quite well, how is everyone else?

I'm glad the site is still around. Sad that not many folks participate as they used to. It was quite a supportive community on here. Hope it will pick up again.

Me, like usually, have just too much going on.. but like usually, I will likely survive, lol.

All the best to everyone <3

- written
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