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Housemate trouble

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After three months living here, one of my 7 housemates found out that I have a daughter almost his age. Since then he turned hostile..

Home network safety in a share house

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I live with up to 5 other housemates when the house is full. A few weeks ago I got a notification from a social networking site that someone logged in into it and the IP address they reported was for my house, and it was a different browser to what I ever used. I was not using that social networking site at that moment.

Hatred Diary II - PD

written () ago

..'You are not important'

Help me with..

written () ago

Iphone, please.

It is a year..

written () ago

Since I rediscovered this site

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Hatred Diary II - PD

Oh, thank you, @BA1 xx

i don't know what happened to the links, and honestly I don't remember what they were exactly.. I can't view them now either. Something along the lines of narcissists and freedom after dating them.

And thank you, i just needed to get the pain out of me..
Sorry, you had a similar experience lately :(

I hope i won't fall for another narcissist ever again.. but that never ever worked with me; so probably i'll be pouring my pain out some time again. But wish you all the best, and hope you will have that 'happily ever after' soon.. x

I'm a loner, but stupidly always think that im not and try again..

PS: Hope this one works -

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i don't understand politics.. but if it is true, then it does not look good.. :/

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Hey guys !!!!

I like the tune, it's quite catchy x

- written
I have fallen in love and I don't want it!

Well, the good thing is, you are quite aware of the reason why you have feelings for him, and the most importantly, you realise that it is just some unwanted chemical reaction upon which you will not act!

The bad thing is, I don't know the solution, sorry. I have fallen for the worst guys out there numerous times, not when I was married, but they were too toxic or abusive; so if you will find the solution, please do let me know.x

- written
CAN'T WAIT for life to be over.

Really sorry that your life has been going in endless cirlcles. It is tough, it may seem that there is no hope, no positive change.

But what about if there was hope?
What about if it all turned to better,
to what you would like it to be..?
Would you life to end then as well?
I hope not.. x

Would you like to share some more of your stuggles, so we can maybe show you a different angle, and perspective? Baby steps, as they say, things can change x

Hope you'll feel better soon, and things start going better for you.

- written
Too much snow.

Lano wrote:

A. I have to shovel it. We got a foot a couple of weeks ago and now we just had 6 inches this past weekend. We're getting another couple of inchest tomorrow. And it's going to snow this coming weekend too.

B. I have social distanced plans that the snow is interfering with.

Too much snow.

I see, thanks. I remember shoveling snow when I was a child, but then, of course, we loved it.

For the past 23 years or so, I've hardly experienced snow..

Is it unusual to snow in your area? Here in UK even an inch of snow brings everything to a standstill.

- written
Too much snow.

How much is too much? And why is it a problem, Lano?

Hope it melts soon though if it is so much trouble for you.

- written
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