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Home network safety in a share house

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I live with up to 5 other housemates when the house is full. A few weeks ago I got a notification from a social networking site that someone logged in into it and the IP address they reported was for my house, and it was a different browser to what I ever used. I was not using that social networking site at that moment.

Hatred Diary II - PD

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..'You are not important'

Help me with..

written () ago

Iphone, please.

It is a year..

written () ago

Since I rediscovered this site

* * * Christmas Spirit * * *

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Hatred Diary II - PD

Oh, thank you, @BA1 xx

i don't know what happened to the links, and honestly I don't remember what they were exactly.. I can't view them now either. Something along the lines of narcissists and freedom after dating them.

And thank you, i just needed to get the pain out of me..
Sorry, you had a similar experience lately :(

I hope i won't fall for another narcissist ever again.. but that never ever worked with me; so probably i'll be pouring my pain out some time again. But wish you all the best, and hope you will have that 'happily ever after' soon.. x

I'm a loner, but stupidly always think that im not and try again..

PS: Hope this one works -

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i don't understand politics.. but if it is true, then it does not look good.. :/

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so whats the future here?

i persoanlly never learn.. O:)

- written
Have you ever cut off a family member.

All of them, in my case.

For some people it is esential for healing to go 'no contact'. Look up 'cptsd healing/narcisistic abuse healing' etc.

If you have toxic, or abusive family, if your dad rapes you, if your mum spends all the money on her drugs, if your brother uses your identity for any scum he can do, for example.. I have read numerous horor stories on the support pages I'm in.

- written
Anyone having issues working from home?

Lano wrote:

There is. But i don't feel comfortable doing that. Her immediate boss used to be my immediate boss and he's not much better and they're buds.

Oh dear! A new job?

- written
Any thoughts on this please?

Sorry for late reply; is it about them complaining that you keep contacting them too often? ๐Ÿ˜„

I do not know where you are trying to get with that response, Jetmoo. You don't need to justify yourself.

I'd just say - I keep persisting to contact the surgery as I am in a desperate need to get a positive response with so and so.

My hope is that the surgery has my best interest at heart, and I will receive the right response.

I apologise if my previous emails have not been clear enough?

- written
Anyone having issues working from home?

An awful boss.. What is she doing in her position with that lack of communication?

Is there anyone above her you as a team could contact for help anonymously probably, so nobody is singled out for revenge?

- written
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