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The last words of jesus Crist.....

written () ago

Save me a egg ill be back for easter.

How to win at a Candy Floss eating competition.

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How To Clean A Cat

written () ago

Thoroughly clean the toilet.

A modern day family dilemma

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1st daughter: dad im lesbian

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Nevermind wrote:
Go away help bot!

This is my Post! Always stealing my thunder, Who does this guy think he is?

Can't I Make one post without your bugging me!
I said right at the bottom its a casual post!

Next time you come around these parts I'm gonna poor water on you!

Oh wait. Technology today is water proof...

Well.. then......




I'll box you up and ship you to North Korea!!

After she put this in her last post he's now in hiding.

- written - voted for by Kalinihta
Save or invest?

I have invested a lot ... but not in stock or shares but in property ....

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE
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I did ... hic..hic

- written
Now that the largest mid term election is over - what's next?

Now he has control of the Senate I think you will see all these investigations wind down as he can now more easily appoint the people he wants in the key positions to head them.

There appears not to be strong opposition leaders to him .... as long as he dose not try to force through the house to controversial bills and follow up on the ones he already pushed through then he will get re-elected.

Don't forget he only lost about 30 seats in the house.... other presidents at this time lost twice that and went on to get re-elected.

Ps ... I am anti Trump

- written
Rent 350 per month.

to calculate rent per week from month .....times by 12 for the year and divide by 52

so 350 per month is 80.77

its more or less 4.3333 weeks to a month

- written
I must be the most experienced person on this site except for the few exceptions like that sherlock dude and a couple others I know are here but can't think of atm.

Making insulting comments like this it no wonder your posts are anonymous..... do yourself a favour and lose the keyboard.

- written
It's my birthday!

Happy birthday to you.

- written
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