I am a survivor of the great Help dark period. But now we're back and looking better than ever.

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Happy new year guys :)

written () ago

Hope y'all have a great one. Or at least better than the last two.

Welcome back my old friend.

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This is Mepzort from planet Toomukus.

I'll return them on the condition that I get another probing.

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE, Jebus-Zeus
I have a few days holiday, , any suggestions as to what I can do in this holiday?

Sit at home and play video games. That's what I'd do :3

- written - voted for by Jebus-Zeus
i can tell..

It's reddit you'll want to go to if you want roasting, Help is far too friendly.

- written - voted for by ProffVampy
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Big-Al-One wrote:
Okay, so we know the moonlanding was a hoax to cover up the fact the earth is actually flat after all...

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An English lake district swimming spot.

NaCtHoMaN wrote:
whats the temp/humidity there like?

Knowing that area, cold and wet :3

- written
So...I have this thing about smoking weed.

Shrooms wouldn't help you. Taking them even once boost your tolerance so they do sweet fa for just over a week so taking them regularly will produce diminshing returns really quickly. My advice is the same as BuckingFastard, try stonger/different strains until you find something that takes your fancy. I recommend a good haze. As someone who's been self medicating with weed for years now I know it can work, but I also know ****shit still sometimes gets too much. Maybe try a weeks tolerance break, boost the effectiveness.

But ofc remember it has side effects, and we're not doctors. Sometimes the best advice is simply to see your doctor and see what they think. Stress can be treated.

- written
Any one know about Android app development and app permissions?

An app will always ask permission before doing certain things. You may have seen this already but this is a good rundown to get you started.

- written
A Self Introduction

Welcome back Sully! I'm not sure we ever met but I've certainly heard of you.

- written
Update on my momโ€™s condition (Ilse/Aisha).

I hope you're ok, sorry to hear about this you're both well loved members of the community. Hopefully she is finally at peace. We're always here if you need us.

- written
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