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Norse pagan and fan of cake and dapper hats.

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Norse Paganism.

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The Swansong.

written () ago

The final piece, a final gesture to a world i no longer want part in.

Advice needed.

written () ago

Made a very long post detailing everything that happened the past year and a half only to delete it right after as well A. No one in their right mind would care. And B. This place seems dead, as a matter i'm not even sure why i'm making this post... But alas.

So tired, so awake.

This post is closed.
written () ago


Legion has left the building.

written () ago

Given my current situation and state of mind, and reading the replies and advices given here by some it's likely in my best interest to leave and never return. So I'm off, maybe in more ways than just leaving help.

Given I'm not celebrating Christmas this year.

written () ago

What are your plans?

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Some psycho I know has hacked the computer I'm using and figured out what drives me to homicidal rage and is content on consistently doing things over and over again to screw with me that make me want

Lano wrote:
I mean, if he is, you may actually need to call the police. I don't know anything about hacking either.

Police does nothing against hackers. Hell they barely get off their seats for actual assault...

Does the poster actually know who's behind this? (And I mean be 100% certain) If so I may have some advice, non of it legal however...

For now, get a good anti malware package, good virus scanner, tape off all cameras. Go into your control panel settings and disable access to the microphone for all applications. And if attacks continue, you're better off calling your internet service provider than the police. They may be able to block the hackers current ip (if he's stupid enough not to hide it) or provide you with a new ip, throwing him off for a while at least.

I keep editing this it seems. Also: change your wifi password if you're on wireless as well as any other passwords. Do this AFTER the malware and virus scans. Any decent hacker will have placed a keylogger (application that tracks and sends back all you type) so you want to get rid of that first. Then as stated, change the passwords.

- written - voted for by Araz, DocteurRalph
Xanax & Alcohol

Honestly any drug (prescription or otherwise) and alcohol are a poor choice.

However as in how long it'll take to wear off. I know from experience that a hangover from mixing narcotics with rum can take as long as 4 days.

If you're worried I'd advice consulting a General physician. And should the thoughts of suicide advance into planning (should detailed thinking emerge) get in touch with a therapist immediately.

General advice, take it easy for a few days and drink water at regular intervals. It should help in filtering out the bad stuff.


- written - voted for by Araz, ๐•อคอญอฅฬ‡๐•–๐•ฅ๐•šใ€‚(Yeti.)
I had given up on this site.

Mate (whoever you are). I was flat out banned from the other site (One admin, not discussed (And not any of the current admins!).

Still here I am again. So are some other people this same admin banned. So honestly see it as a fresh start to be honest.


- written - voted for by Jetmoo, DocteurRalph
Are you intimidated by intelligent people?

Intimidated is the wrong word. I am intrigued by very intelligent people. And perhaps selfishly desire to learn from them.

- written - voted for by soco
The Swansong.

Am here.

- written - voted for by Jetmoo
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if god were real i'd murder him.

Anonymous wrote:
Why didnt you mention Islam?
They kill people who are gay .
They oppress women.
They kill the Infidels.
Man legion you are way inconsistant not mentioning Islam.
I personally am agnostic but you are christain a phobic.
You may have pushed away anyone on this site who is christian and
Spunds like you can be turned in for hate speech.

Because everyone knows Islam is a vile ideology. It has shown it's face. What people won't see is that christianity is just as vile. And it's not a phobia, I don't fear Christianity and Catholicism (though admittedly if they still had the same influence than they had in the dark ages up to the early 1800s I would) I hate that they exist, and that their members consider themselves superior to the rest of humanity "because their man in the sky is the best man in the sky." It's the definition of arrogance.

Especially the whole "God's plan" bullshit. A child dies, oh it was gods plan. A natural disaster, it was gods plan. Multiple deaths in a fire, gods plan... I can do horrible things and claim they're gods plan. It's not like he'll stop me now will he? That's how loving their God is.

You know who are more loving than God? Firefighters! Animal rescue, the police (in most cases). The nurse working the nightshift having to read her kids a bednight story over the phone.

All of them are more worthy of praise and vindication than God. Every last one is superior to him. Where is their temple? Their church?

In regards to pushing people away. I'm fine with that. I don't want to be friends or even associated with people who submit to "God" anyway, man is entitled to be their own God. I have had my membership to the Catholic church removed and it's one of the best choices I've made. No longer am I in the same league of people that try to cover up systematic homophobia and child ****rape. Which really lifts a burden.

As for hate speech. Grow a bloody spine! This ride is just getting started. (But by all means, report me. Let's see how much of a liberal thinker the mods are.)

And should I be banned, it's not like I'll lose anything... As a matter, it'll be knowledge gained and points proven.

- written
if god were real i'd murder him.


People like you are one of the biggest problems in the world.

Catholicism and Christianity have done more damage to humanity than all diseases combined. And I'd gladly burn for all eternity rather than go to the same place hypocrites like you end up in.

I spit on your religion, your church, your God. And should I live long enough to witness the fall of Christianity, then you're God damn right I'll celebrate it.

What is God if not the oppressor? What being tests faith by asking one to kill his only son? What king abandons his greatest general?

Oh and finally: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Lucifers sin was pride. I suppose God didn't like the competition.

The arrogant ****cunt he is.

- written
if god were real i'd murder him.

Anyone/thing that declares itself the one true God, omnipotent and all loving. Yet allows it's creations to ****rape and torment one another, allows things like parasites and flesh eating microbials to exist, and does nothing when children get abused and *****raped at his altars in his "house". And is so all loving he created an entire dimension to punish and torment those that disagree with him/it for all eternity.

Is not worthy of life. I'd much rather disappear or be burned (I'm not a Catholic anymore so I have my doubts) than to suck up and kneel to that arrogant sadist. Yes, I'd kill him too, and smile while doing so.

- written
Are you intimidated by intelligent people?

Intimidated is the wrong word. I am intrigued by very intelligent people. And perhaps selfishly desire to learn from them.

- written
The Swansong.

Jetmoo wrote:
When they tested your thyroid, what did they test? The health services over here, they miss important bits out sometimes.

And were your results the bottom end of โ€œnormal rangeโ€?

Generally all within normal values. I had one where it became overactive but this was due to an anti-depressive.

- written
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