My name is Yeti. Yankee echo tango india.
This is a blurb. Though it's called a bio now, apparently.

Twixt quarter and mid life crises.

Animals, especially cats. Adopted by this one:

Unusual art. Lack steady hands and manifested imagination for drawing. 3d origami:

Dwarf fortress (game). This is a loose description:

Monty python:

Let me tell you about homestuck:

Classical music. But it's a secret!

ๅฝฑใ‹ใ‚‰ๅ‡บใฆใใ ใ•ใ„ใ€‚ๅ้œฒใ€‚

Hb sightings:


"If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning."

"In general, people only ask for advice, that they may not follow it or if they should follow it that they may have somebody to blame for having given it."

"No cipher of intrigue therein dwells. Whilom begirt, nonce at liberty."

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

What causes are you concerned about today?

Everyone first showed up and remained here & yonder for a good reason. Usually lack the skill to ameliorate the majority, yet any opportunity to attempt is a privilege.

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[quote Ash]


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[poll]Helpbot is depressed.,The statement below is false.,The statement above is true.,@Rockster160 this is for you.

Family rules.

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Sharing a poster I'd seen some months back.

Thank You.

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To all of you helpers from the old site, I am grateful beyond expression.

Lost the battle.

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I am channeling the spirits of this place. They are saying...

Spirits wrote:
True. They do choose to be alone. But in a monastary, aren't you part of a community, still?

Hmm, let's try that again.

Spirits wrote:
What happens here is that some cells can remain alive long after the animal is dead. (This happens to every living creature). Salt contains positively charged sodiun ions which is what gives the nerves the stimuli to react. It's like they're getting a signal from their brain, except there's no brain, so they feel nothing.

That's odd. Last one:

Spirits wrote:
I forgot about that. Superman used to fly around the earth a couple of times and arrive before he left. Neat trick.

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Keeping in touch.

verge wrote:
Mindhealer hasn't been to this new and improved help, but he's well. :)

I thought the gratefulness post would coax him out. ;)

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this site used to be yellow right?

And for you, mr anon:

(Any non hex combination will revert to default, and possibly expires by itself after a while.
Nevertheless, you could save the link as a bookmark to refresh it.)

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At the end of your life, what do you want people (family, friends, neighbors, and strangers never met) to line up and say to your face...

" Future ages will wonder at us, as the present age wonders at us now. We do not need the praises of a Homer, or of anyone else whose words may delight us for the moment, but whose estimation of facts will fall short of what is really true. For our adventurous spirit has forced an entry into every sea and into every land; and everywhere we have left behind us everlasting memorials of good done to our friends or suffering inflicted on our enemies. "

- written - voted for by Red1263, BA1
Iโ€™m wondering if thereโ€™s a term for this:

If I may share some thoughts...

It's likely quite difficult to impossible for B to discern whether A truly believes their demeanour innocent, or is versed in manipulation promoting such an appearance, unless B is skilled in detection or has specific knowledge of A's tells. Either way, it might not make much of a difference. A was informed their behaviour was impacting B negatively, and elected to alter B's perspective rather than their own conduct to respect B's boundaries (in accord with the accusation). This could be fine for small things, evolving as a person, yet B questioning their sanity indicates a profound concussion from matching their inner beliefs (for what is proper) with the proffered truth. The insane don't question their sanity.
Nevertheless, in time it may be possible to come to terms with this. Painful, most likely. Needs good reasoning to fight for it. In other situations, I'd describe it as a "deadlock": either of 'concrete' nature, such as marriage, mutual children, family, reliance (professional, monetary); or emotional, essentially accepting some negativity for greater benefit, which oft involves no small amount of fear of change.
It isn't trivial, clear cut. Difficult to decide. Suffering the same effects repeatedly during indecision tends to brand itself in the mind, from what I've seen. Still, might be more important for B to know how they feel for sure, averting later remorse, whilst receiving moral support (rather than advice) from the people in whom they trust.

Sorry if it's kinda off.

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Is this weird?

Wiki wrote:
Aerobic exercise induces short- and long-term effects on mood and emotional states by promoting positive affect, inhibiting negative affect, and decreasing the biological response to acute psychological stress.[13] Over the short-term, aerobic exercise functions as both an antidepressant and euphoriant,[14][15][16][17] whereas consistent exercise produces general improvements in mood and self-esteem.[18][19]
In popular culture and media, dopamine is often seen as the main chemical of pleasure, but the current opinion in pharmacology is that dopamine instead confers motivational salience;[3][4][5] in other words, dopamine signals the perceived motivational prominence (i.e., the desirability or aversiveness) of an outcome, which in turn propels the organism's behavior toward or away from achieving that outcome.[5][6]

There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Just a bit less held back than usual. Possibly confusing the extent of attraction and pleasure, but no precedent has been set, by far.

- written
Facebook is really beginning to suck big time!

BuckingFastard(JN) wrote:
I'm not very technical, as you prob know, but is guess that memories thing would be an app, although I don't recall choosing it, and have tried many ways to disable it.
It posts less than it used to as I always select the 'I want to see less of this' option, but I'd really like to have none of it.

Is this something you obtained from fb?

Oh, right, sorry. Here's the link:
And this is their site, if you'd like to read a bit more, or if you have a different browser.

By app, I meant using fb on a smartphone - this solution was created only for pcs, as phones' apps don't permit any sort of fiddling ordinarily. It's a bit challenging to get rid of ads there, even.
An independent developer created it. The company would have little interest in anyone filtering out sponsored ads and content.

And don't worry, it's quite straightforward to use. Once installed, go to your profile home page, and there will be a little line after create post on the right, "F.B. Purity hid: 0 app [ Show ] 0 extra [ Show ] โ‡”"
The arrow expands / shrinks the view, and clicking on the fb purity link will open a page with many filtering & customisation tickboxes. Hover the cursor over a tickbox to show what it does. In general, checked means hide that particular sort of content. Ads come pre-ticked 'fcourse, and the memories are under "Various post types" -> "Shared a memory" + "Your memory" prolly (would recommend reviewing the entire list once). Press "save changes" when you're done, which will refresh the page.
If there's any problem, let me know.

- written
Facebook is really beginning to suck big time!

BuckingFastard(JN) wrote:
There doesn't seem to be a way to deactivate it that actually works.

I've just obtained a chrome extension called "fb purity". As far as I can tell, it has a filter for every single type of feed item in existence (shared a memory, your memories, trending posts, photos by subject matter or user to name a few). If you're referring to the app variety though, I'm not sure.

- written
Should I stay or should I go?

You've worked several stressful jobs in the past, one of them as an accountant I believe. If it's somewhat above minimum, I don't quite understand wherefore you'd be haemorrhaging money to such an extent. No offspring, mayhap medical expense, debt or the business?
I don't mean to pry, nor saying that you should go down with the ship, just concerned beyond the dry arithmetic of this decision.

- written
My samsung a9 phone's screen broke , the staff at samsung said if they fix the screen , the data will be erased , but due to the pin lock screen , i cant transfer data anywhere without unlocking(which

I'd had a bit of time to prepare ere the screen became completely nonreactive in the past (with a great deal of fiddling), and so turned off the lock asap. My first experience of losing a usb & subsequent project rebuild was sufficiently instructive.
A handy little tool is scrcpy (or vysor) - if you'd used it before and set the device to trust a computer, you could unlock the screen through that.
How much stuff do you have there that isn't backed up?
Oh, a micro usb adapted mouse doesn't seem to require confirmation, that's perfect.

- written
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