Where did you grow up?

I haven't gronw up (fully) yet..

Was made and born in Slovakia, though.

Where do you live now?

What causes are you concerned about today?

mental health,
environment & climate change,
animal welfare,
domestic violence & abuse,
toxic relationship recovery..

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

Well, attempting to follow Christ.. not doing that well atm.

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How do i delete my account on here, please?

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Thanks xx

That rabbiiiit!

written () ago

Just finished 12 hours of decorating one room.. My rabbit came and bit a hole in the wall! :O


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TEST Your Stupidity !!

A Nanny From Hell..

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<< Change Ahead >>

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When i tell people where i live, they're always like;

Just warming up engine on my private rocket and will be zooming past you in a moment.. at least wave if you won't invite me in, Jeb!

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Question 4...

smiley wrote:

I actually have a husband and two teenage boys who can help. They just have different priorites from me. They don't care if the house is a mess and falling apart. I'm the only one who is bothered by it. If I ask, and if they feel like it, they will help. They just never, ever, ever think of doing anything on their own.

My 18 yo daughter is a pretty spoilt princess, and doesnt help in any way either, but when i suffered with severe depression and could not get up from bed, and there were no longer clean plates, she did wash up..

Maybe you just sit and 'enjoy' your backache or headaches, and once they dont have clean football shirts, they will wash.. if there are no plates or food, they'll either clean or get a takeaway.. Hm? ;)

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Question number 2, said in a post yesterday...

Rockster160 wrote:

soco wrote:
The obvious choice of course is this place.

@Rockster160 if we ever meet you in person you are going to turn 50 shades of lipstick.


Everything in life is worth it, in my opinion. The struggles make us stronger and appreciate the good times. The good times bring us satisfaction.
I just don't like having down time. 😉

I agree with soco, too.. ;)

But sadly some people are damaged, traumatized and struggles make them only more broken, more hurt, more ill, more depressed..

Down time/alone time gives us a chance to reflect on our behaviour, inspect our conscience, search within without the outside distructions..

I'm struggling to find that 'worth it' thing in my life now. Although, I am not unhappy; it is simply too much and it all goes in circles - the same thing just keeps repeating and happening all over again.. :(

It would be worth it to trust God and His promises.. that He will eventually deliver me and will start blessing me.. and will make all those struggles, hurts, pains, and abuse worth to go through, as HE will bring something positive out of it! Hope He will give me enough grace to trust Him.. and to finally forgive people who hurt me.

@**PamelaAnn**nn** What is worth it in your life now?

- written - voted for by soco
Hello HelpQA family..

DocteurRalph wrote:
You don't even want to know what I was on probation for? WTF kind of help sight is this anyway? Let's talk about ME!!

:) I thought it was a joke, but okay, Doc, let's talk about YOU!
All curious - what were you on probation for? xx

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
I think my ex is engaged and I wish it didn’t hurt me.

- written - voted for by Rockster160
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How do i delete my account on here, please?

soco wrote:
Short for Southern Comfort. That was my user name way back in help's history. Several old time members shortened it to Soco and I liked it.

Oh, i like both!

- written
How do i delete my account on here, please?

soco wrote:
Well please give us a clue when you finally decide. Just don't be MIA too long. We need you.

Cwtch? ;) Moron? :D (carrot in Welsh).. i quite like - Cont y môr too busy resting before attemting to clear my house later on today as daughter's coming tomorrow and she has not seen it yet; so hopefully after that i'll have more time to reinvent meself.

Btw, what does 'soco' mean? :)

- written
How do i delete my account on here, please?

soco wrote:
Come back as Amy, May, Yam, Aym...

:D thank you; but it will have to be something very different..probably something Welsh when i learn anything apart of Araf and Croeso..

Tmrw will be a week since i moved here and havent learnt anything yet.. :(

- written
Rydal caves, an English walk.

Wow! :O ..i so wanna go with you! Still got two rooms to clear though.. :((
Enjoy and stay safe; we care about you! xx

- written
How do i delete my account on here, please?

I won't leave.. i want a new account :) <3 #busyerasingpast

- written
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