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What keeps you at Help-qa?

written () ago

Instead of other sites, like forums, craiglist, reddit? What is different about Help-qa to you?

Does anyone know about getting copyrights?

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Specifically for artwork?

Advice for an educator-in-training?

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Why can't I write?

written () ago

Every day I think about writing. I have so many stories I want to tell. I sit down, start writing, write a good chunk (sometimes between 2,500 and 5,000 words+) but then I just can't go on.

I know a lot of you aren't living in the U.S., but...

written () ago

...for those who are, check your local Petsmart if you have one because this Saturday and Sunday is free picture day with Santa!

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I tried at life and I failed.

Stop giving and just live. You don't need to produce anything for anyone. You're enough.

- written - voted for by soco
Why are people so hung up on looks?

Confidence is said to be the most attractive quality of a person. I tend to agree with that! Unless your over-confidant and a jerk.

- written - voted for by Eddieee
Why can't I write?

But thank you! That helps more than you know.

- written - voted for by BuckingFastard(JN)
I was once married.

aeolian wrote:
I had girlfriends .live in girlfriends since I was 16. My last one cured me of any desire to continue getting involved. I am most happy being single. It took a whole life to figure that out. Sorry for the lack of details but Its too personal. Amen to being single

Being single definitely has its perks...the freedom to be whoever you are without hesitation. To do whatever you want without thinking of how it affects someone else, only you. To enjoy the presence of who ever you want without limit.

- written - voted for by Fern
Who would win the fight?

chuck norris

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
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I feel like my boss is starting to get too nosey.

Just play along with it, if you can. Having a positive boss relationship is so important for your mental health and happiness. I would avoid any possible negative interaction with your boss and try to keep it as positive as you can. Even if it means pretending you enjoy her company. Try to make everything into a joke if you can, like you're making light out of her questions instead of answering them in a trial sort of way. It'll make her think you answered the question and also keep things light.

- written
I can't stand human contact

I want to be able to be good around people, to enjoy their company and vice versa. But it can be sooo difficult. I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. We all need time to unwind.

- written
My sixteen year old has been asleep for over 40 hours.

40 hours? Man, that's a lot of sleep! Sometimes I get 11+ at a time, but never that much! He must be part-cat.

But more seriously, maybe spending more time outside would help him? Going outside helps give me more energy. But like I said, I have a bad habit of sleeping too much to. And sleeping too much makes me even more tired. It's a cycle for sure. So something that helps me is drinking lots of water and then also taking Vitamin C tablets/chewys/etc. Hopefully he can find a more active schedule he enjoys to keep his motivation up :) Even fitting in the smallest stuff helps

- written
Why do people act up sometimes?

It's kind of in our nature. When we are babies, before we can even talk, the primary source of communication for all of our needs is crying and being as loud as possible. And that gave us food, shelter, hygiene, etc. Growing up and shedding that habit is hard. (I'm a huge cry baby myself) So when people throw tantrums it just makes me think of how their inner-baby is surfacing again. Some people are better at putting that behavior away than others.

But it all just depends, I guess. People with more temperamental personalities will most likely act out more than people who are mild-mannered. And the way you are raised is a big factor, too, I think. And whatever the issues is, and whatever place you are in in life. There's way too many factors to try to think of them all...

- written
Black holes.

Are you referring to the Event Horizon spacecraft? Because if so, I think I've seen that film 5 times and I have no idea why.

- written
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