Izzy. 32. Gemini. Kpop connoisseur. Turtle enthusiast. Tumblr addict. Artist. If you're an old school helper you may remember as SpazzySpizzy, CornflakeGirl, MissInfinite, MissNothing, or just a shitty internet poet.

Where did you grow up?

In a very small town.

Where do you live now?

In the same small town.

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

High school graduate.

What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

I work retail. I don't recommend it.

Which religion (if any) do you follow?

My religion is me.

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Ear Piercing Question!

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And probably a silly one but google hasn't helped me at all. So I got my ears pierced at Claire's when I was a kid. They got infected and my mom made me take them out. I know now that piercing guns are absolutely friggin' terrible. I want to get my ears re pierced properly. Obviously the holes from the original piercings are completely closed ('cuz I was like 8) but when I fiddle around with my lobe I can still feel the hole in the...

i didn't mean to post this it wasn't finished yet omg

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Does anyone have a way to get in touch with Kitty?

written () ago

Aka Kitten_Ciao. We were in contact via email for a few years but apparently that email is no longer registered. I miss her mucho.

I haven't written poetry in a year!

written () ago

Idk how many people even actually remember me from before but I used to post all my poems on here. After I left the site, I started posting them on tumblr. I was just going through my poetry blog over there and it's been well over a year since I've written anything. It's astounding to me when I used to write one almost every day when I was here. Maybe being here in a familiar environment with familiar faces will stir up some inspiration.

I hope everyone makes their way back!

written () ago

I know interests have changed over the years and that not everyone is a member of the help Facebook page and may not know yet, but I miss the tight knit little circle I had on here once upon a time. According to old emails I haven't visited help in over 6 years! That's so long! I've changed so much! I can't wait to get reacquainted with old friends and possibly make new ones. Here's to the rebirth of Help!

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Does anyone have a way to get in touch with Kitty?

J.N-Bucking wrote:
I spoke with her a few weeks ago.

Been trying to get in touch to tell her about the new spot.

Think the issue is on my end tho.

Oh good! I'm glad she's well! Would love to see her around.

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Is this site to help each of us or are we here to help others?

Jebus-Zeus wrote:
this site is for chewing bubblegum and kicking ***

I'm fresh out of bubblegum.

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Who here plays video games?

Slash wrote:
Hey @✿CherryBomb✿b✿ good to see you back after so long.

Thanks! I'm gonna try to be more active.

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Your favorite horror movies?

Scream. The Ring. I Know What You Did Last Summer. Urban Legend. Stay Alive. Jennifer's Body (kinda horror?). The Others. The Exorcist. The Crazies. Vacancy. The Strangers. Fear Dot Com. Child's Play. All the Prom Night movies. Black Xmas. The list goes on and on.

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Does anyone here use an ISP that’s not Verizon, Cox, or Comcast?

I have Frontier.

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Ear Piercing Question!

Araz wrote:
That’s totally normal! It’s scar tissue and it’s nothing to worry about. Go to a tattoo parlor, but not a shady one, a licensed one. They’ll do it with a needle which sounds like it hurts but it’s actually less painful because they do it so quickly and the metal is so sharp it feels like a pinch. Make sure to keep it clean with the ointment they provide and don’t fiddle with it and you’ll be fine.

My experience level: nose piercing, ear piercing, cartilage piercing, and belly button piercing.

Oh thank you so much!! I was getting paranoid and I didn't wanna pay to have them redone just for it to be a hot mess lol.

- written
Can coworkers tell if there is something going on between two people before they even realize it?

Meh this happens where i work all the time. If you don't feel anything towards this person then what everyone is saying doesn't matter.

- written
Maybe I asked this before.

Oh I'm this person for sure. I actually failed my driver's ed class in high school because I had a panic attack while driving the car. My best friend is gonna help me though. I'm studying the manual and she's gonna take me to take the written to get my permit and then she's actually gonna help me learn how to drive. I'm not really as scared about it as I used to be. I think it's maybe just growth and my meds tbh and a friend who understands me and knows how to work around my quirks.

- written
Who here plays video games?

Lano wrote:

✿CherryBomb✿ wrote:
I do! Haven't been playing much lately, though. I'm mostly into rpgs and survival horror / horror in general. Also love Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

I like Silent Hill and i like rpgs too but i can be pretty picky cus a lot rpg type games just dont have great gameplay imo. I like red and blue pokemon havent played another one since those two o.o

I love Silent Hill! It's definitely one of my favorite horror series along with Resident Evil. Rpgs I mostly just stick with Final Fantasy and Star Ocean.

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