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Retired Army officer. Military advisor. Security consultant. Private investigator.

Where did you grow up?


Where do you live now?


What is the highest level of education you have attained?


What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?


What's your favorite sport or sports?


What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

military, security, investigations

What hobbies are you into?

shooting, military arms

What causes are you concerned about today?

The destruction of values

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?

Neither party is currently deserving.

Which religion (if any) do you follow?


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Everyone should read this article from Field & Stream magazine, whether you've experienced depression or not.

written () ago

Some of us have it without even knowing it. Here you go:

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

written () ago

Hope this day is a special one for you!

Re: the Great Gun Control Debate, I received an email today from a user, and I will reply to it, keeping everything as short as possible .

written () ago

. .

To the students .

written () ago

. .

The legend of the sack man.

written () ago

When I was a small boy, one of my grandfather's friend would tell me about the local "bogey folk." One of them was Soap Sally--all I can remember about her was that she would scrub dirty children with soap. But the really nightmarish figure I was told about was the Sack Man.

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This is gonna be an unusual one, but appropriate for this site.

Dear JN, in the USA the results of an inquest would be a matter of public record. It would appear to be the case in the UK, as well.

I have also worked as a private investigator in Canada. Fees are quite expensive, I assure you.

I suggest that you bid your friend goodbye, and move on. Your lives intersected, and I am sure that he was also the better for it. But death claims all in the end.

Keep in your heart those things that he gave you that made you a better person--and let him go.

- written - voted for by Araz, Padre_J_Roulston, soco, Rockster160
Advice needed.

You need a new doctor/therapist, as the ones you've had were incompetent.

You also need to develop a passion about SOMETHING--art, cars, nature, astronomy, archaeology--whatever.

And you need to get out of the house.

First step--Starbuck's green tea latte, large size. And a cheese Danish.

You will feel better--I guarantee it!

- written - voted for by Araz, WritetheHeroine, Legion
Legion has left the building.

There's a funny thing about being in difficulty . . .

People whom you thought were your friends may desert you.

And then people you didn't really know were your friends go out of their way to help you.

- written - voted for by ~CaraMia~, Max, Nix

Relationships are complicated. While you are sorting out a problem is not a time to enter a new one.

- written - voted for by Piphanson, twosocks, Manthy
Nobody else is going to start a post, looks like I'll have to talk to myself.

I've seen those motorized bikes--heck, I'd like to have one myself!

Your experiences show just how stupid it is to put someone in jail who has had problems with drugs. I've always said that the war on drugs is a war on people. Those who have had problems with drugs need rehabilitation, not incarceration!

Yep, it's amazing how people in jail and prison get drugs. It HAS to be the guards!

Can you ride a moped? When I'm in Africa, you see millions of them. They are the chief means of travel. In Toronto tonight I saw a guy on an electric scooter--it is cold as hell and there is snow everywhere, and he was on a scooter!

- written - voted for by DragonLady, DocteurRalph
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I was born and raised in the same state my entire life.

Ditto for me! Toronto is an aluminum and glass ant hill!

- written
I was born and raised in the same state my entire life.

My son is there!

- written
Figuring my mum out

She sabotaged everything done for her. Either depression or she feels she does not deserve any happiness.

- written
Anyone a doctor?

"Your mood is your diet"--that is indeed a profound insight!

- written
Advice needed.

Maybe it is time to talk to a pastor or priest.

- written
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