Mine.... mine i say!!!

Booktender, sloth, artist, seamstress, Libra, Very Tired, INTJ.

Where did you grow up?


Where do you live now?

From the looks of it, the 3rd circle.

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?

Anatomy, World History, Chemistry, Horticulture, French, German, Literature.

What's your favorite sport or sports?

Fencing, archery, badminton, gymnastics, bocce

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How is your New Year going so far?

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Personally, I've finally started to feel comfortable being a single adult, able to make my life what ever I'd like. It's up to me to keep truckin', but the friendships I've had more time to nurture (lost my job in Oct, which was a blow) really make a difference. I've missed being here.

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How is your New Year going so far?

Padre_J_Roulston wrote:
My only plans as of now, is to survive.

Hey, good to see you, Padre. I'm sorry it's such a bleak time. I hope things go as well as is possible. Maybe something will come-up soon that you can look forward to, even if it's a eclipse, an outdoor reprieve from the cold, or hearing a song on the radio that you haven't heard in a while.

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Everyone should read this article from Field & Stream magazine, whether you've experienced depression or not.

That was an excellent article. With few words the monster that is clinical depression was characterized quite well. I have depression and know that feeling of feeling like what ever bad happens to you is well deserved and to be expected. Treatment, reinforcing my inner circle with steel, and reflection have helped me reach an age I never really pictured myself getting to.

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Hate to bring this up

Lano wrote:
I do twitter. Its actually how i get a lot of my news. I know that sounds bad but the accounts i follow are journalists, scientists, and academics.

I get what you mean. I use Twitter to keep-up with businesses, musicians, politicians, authors. I mainly made one to contact a favorite author of mine in-regard to privately printing some of her artwork. I couldn't believe that I got a message back! It was wild. This was back in 2015. Any posts I make are due to social-media convenience or the general malaise.

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Hate to bring this up

Reddit, tumblr, Instagram, YouTube. Yeah, I like reddit, but I don't follow too many large sub's. I like how every community is a little different. I love seeing the exercise of, "If you want something done right, do it yourself," in the form of making different subreddits.

I like being able to have different accounts on the platform, within my own. I'll raise my hand for being one to use an ad-blocker, and the frustration of them doesn't wreck my nerves.

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bought this greatest thing *pm if yawanna know*

Before I saw your reply, I was going to recommend putting a sticker over the logo, but a sweater lends poorly to repair by sticky-paper. What about having it embroidered-over?

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How is your New Year going so far?

BigWilly! wrote:
I'm living on the mountainside with my 2 Mexican rescue pups in my old RV. Got a new low wattage 24v a/c unit for the summer & a new wood stove for next winter, comfort being the name of the game. Might cruise down to Mexico next winter for some dental work & (more) r&r. Living the life of Riley n loving it!

Holy ****shit, that's wonderful! Thank you for the reminder of Mexican dental care, sincerely. It's neat having your nest on the road. There's nothing like making your own space, nesting and enjoying living life. Bon voyage! Have you been before (maybe when recusing said pups)?

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How is your New Year going so far?

NacthoMan wrote:
like with everyone else ~ alot of kuju moodoo with a splash of doo doo, all in layman's term is just trying to get by. at the same time trying not to burn myself.

Ahh, gotcha. I hope it was a cozy time. And hope moreso that you're not currently still experiencing a cold-snap, depending on where you live.

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