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I have been a little stressed.

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My circumstances aren't bad, but a couple more twelve hour shifts and a short period of financial panic has me less centered. I had today off and I acted like a zombie instead of doing stuff that's good for me. I just hope I can get it together before the holidays! Anyway, good things are coming. I just wanted to vent a tiny bit and also ask for all your best tips for keeping healthy and motivated when you feel chaotic and just want to not think.

Gratefulness is helpful, so I am grateful for it.

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What are you grateful for?

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Just a rather dark rant.

I was seriously depressed. I realized I could absolutely control it with exercise, healthy food, and being careful about the thoughts and people in my life. Sounds weird, but negative people, horror movies, sugar, cynicism, and fakeness are all ****shit for your mental health. If you love good enough then that's what shows up in your life.

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Aaah, Valentine..!

This summer I'm getting married to my best friend that I met here. ๐Ÿ™‚

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that day my ex wife left, she left a note on the fridge saying this isnt working, goodbye.

That's cold.

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infamous quote of all time.

Yeah, people often have to work pretty hard to learn how to love others well and without hurting them.

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I tried at life and I failed.

You are here, youโ€™re present, youโ€™re alive. Youโ€™re winning at life in my book. Thinking of things that youโ€™re genuinely grateful for can really give more perspective. You probably have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you can shrug it off for a minute. This is a good place to take a break and acknowledge the reality beyond whatever cornered thinking you got tricked into.

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Figuring my mum out

Maybe confront her about her attitude?

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I feel like my boss is starting to get too nosey.

I love my sisters and wouldn't mind living with them or them living with me, maybe the concept just seems foreign to her because she lacks those relationships? Just a shot in the dark, it could be anything. If I were you, I'd just give her really boring, short answers.

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I was born and raised in the same state my entire life.

I have travelled a lot in CA and think that it's hard to find anything cheap. The cheaper places in South California are deserty and a constant fire hazard. Northern CA is beautiful, super expensive, and also a fire hazard. You won't find cheaper than you're paying now up there probably. Out of everywhere I've been I got the feeling that the south was the most easy going and it's definitely cheaper if you're not right near DC. Anywhere that's not a big city is easier though, why not just move further from DC?

- written
You ever meet someone and the instant you meet you feel some sort of connection or strong attraction to them?

Hmm I would be weirded out by someone I just met being so touchy with me, but I do think instant connections are real and can lead to great things!

- written

You have what it takes to be an awesome assistant manager!

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