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Gratefulness is helpful, so I am grateful for it.

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What are you grateful for?

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infamous quote of all time.

Yeah, people often have to work pretty hard to learn how to love others well and without hurting them.

- written - voted for by Kalinihta, NaCtHoMaN
I tried at life and I failed.

You are here, you’re present, you’re alive. You’re winning at life in my book. Thinking of things that you’re genuinely grateful for can really give more perspective. You probably have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you can shrug it off for a minute. This is a good place to take a break and acknowledge the reality beyond whatever cornered thinking you got tricked into.

- written - voted for by smiley, music=life
"I wish I wasn't a person"

You are so valuable and worthwhile. Everybody makes mistakes, and that's okay. That's how people learn you know! Consider yourself one mistake wiser. You deserve to take a well-deserved break from the consequences of learning a helpful lesson, but you don't have to be immobilized (been there) if you can't afford to be now. Take good care of yourself because you deserve your unconditional love, no matter how mad anyone feels like getting. Also, a little communication goes a long way and may help heal a lot in a relationship if that's something important to you related to the upset. You may be surprised that talking can heal if the other person is willing to listen.

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE, Araz
Is commitment a truly good thing?

I mostly agree with what the other posters said. Commitment is extremely important, but you have to commit to the right things. Usually if you find yourself failing over and over in a goal, it's too far ahead, there's a different thing you might need to hammer down first. Another thing to take a really close look at is motivation. You'll find that if your motives are really coming from the heart, it's easier to commit. It's easy to get shamed into certain goals in this day and age and kind of hold other people's standards or dreams as our own, it's apparent that we don't really want something the way we think we do if we keep sabotaging ourselves, but sometimes all it takes is examining inner motives to discover we were on the right track but for the wrong reasons and then use new confidence of will to achieve what we set out to do.

- written - voted for by twosocks
How to deal with bad anniversaries without spiraling into a depressive episode?

Hello, I am really sorry to hear all of that considering how you have always been so obviously kind and undeserving of any and all badness. I remember you being so nice that it was pretty hard to read, but to answer your question!!! Even if it's passed, I find the best way to get out of a really bad place or mindset is deliberately do something good for yourself. Exercise works best for me bar nothing, but having a bath and painting your nails or drawing a picture or telling someone to hug you can all help. Make an effort to be nice to yourself.

- written - voted for by smiley
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Sometimes I miss when it was bad.

I think that kind of attitude is supported by a lot in our society, 13 reasons why being a prime example. Ultimately it's so incredibly harmful to everyone though, not just you. I think as you get stronger like you are now, you make the people around you stronger and safer too, and that's important. It's easy to wallow and reinforce depression with sad music and personal drama or self hateful thoughts, and hard to escape, but so so worth it. You might miss some of the attention, that's totally understandable, but you'll come to realize that it wasn't the right kind of attention, it's like how you can feed your body with junk food to stay alive or eat your veggies.

- written

Oh yay, a chance to quote Douglas Adams! “A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”

- written
What I would do to build the Help community.

That’s a really great idea, I never use Instagram, but that’s smart.

- written
Recent discovery about myself.

What you said about fear made a lot of sense to me, it looks like from what you said up there that you’re insecure about a lot of things. Maybe if you build your self esteem you’ll feel more whole and strong to let the world judge you however they want. Honestly, working on self esteem or self love through external things like exercising more and getting a new job can give you a big boost, but it comes from the inside, your own thoughts. So first thing to do is be nice to yourself: positive thoughts, even if they seem too good to be true, and holding yourself accountable: you got to know when you’re avoiding your life out of fear and acknowledge it whether you’re strong enough to face it yet or not. If you keep being nice to yourself you will be strong enough eventually.

- written
:) How are you all?

Anonymous wrote:
I feel very nearly pecked to death by birds.

I recommend throwing bread at them. Shuts them right up!

- written
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