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I had a bad panic attack with my therapist and now I don’t feel safe.

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She is trying exposure therapy with me. She wanted me to pretend a chair was my rapist and I freaked out. I started screaming and was crying and curling into a ball. Since then I feel terrified. All the progress I made pushing down the memories have surface and I hate everything. I’m supposed to see her again in a week and I don’t want to talk anymore. I want to shut out the world

I’ve been off social media on and off for the last year.

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All bc of boys. First, I was being stalked by an ex. The next time I was the one stalking my other ex and his new fiancé on their social media. I’m October I deleted all my social media and am not looking back. The issue is I became supervisor at the animal shelter I volunteer at and they communicate solely through fb. I don’t want to go back on social media but I fear in order to know what’s going on and inform the other volunteers I am going to have too. I am co supervisor with another girl...

Ending friends with benefits.

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I’ve been booking up with this guy since July. We really only see each other a couple times a month and I’d like to break it off. Since we rarely see each other I want to send I text. I know it’s not the right way to do things but what I’ve done in past situations is just stop texting them. I want to break that cycle and face my fear of disappointing people. How should I do this. Should I lead in slowly and strike up a conversation (keep in mind he takes hours or days to respond to my texts) or...

Trust issues.

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I’ve come to realize I have serious trust issues. I hate putting my faith in people when I always get let down. But then I trust people who have red flags or do reckless things bc I have no fear. For example, I will go out running at midnight when I live in a dangerous city or I handle dogs that will bite me bc I think I can take care of myself. But then with my family and in relationships I am too scared to be dependent and trust someone else. I don’t know how if I realize when I should feel...

Need help writing a text.

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I have been casually seeing this guy since July. We are essentially friends with benefits. We really only talk once a week and meet up every 3 weeks. I am not seeking a relationship with him but I want to know if that is what he thinks it will lead to or if he wants to peacefully break things off. He’s mentioned that he needs to get his life together and the possibility of an arranged marriage. I just want to ask him what’s going on so that I get a clear answer. Any suggestions?

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Merry Christmas, Help-QA!

We made it through the holiday chaos! Merry Christmas everyone! We are going to kick butt in 2019

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My cousin has a big wedding coming up and I'm a bridesmaid - I've pretty much already got everything I need for the wedding.

Can he rent a tux’s or borrow one from a brother or friend? I’m sorry about your grandpa and that your bf didn’t come to the funeral- but he can’t go back and change that but he can show you his love by supporting you at the wedding. Explain to him that it is important to you and why you need him there. If he doesn’t want to support you I would rethink the relationship

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I have autism (Aspergers) and dyspraxia and don't know what jobs I can do and feel like a drain to society.

I want to start off by saying that I am so proud of you. You are trying so hard and I don’t think any person has that in them. From that alone I see that you are a hard worker and I would want you on my team. The fact that they aren’t hiring you is discrimination and it saddens me that we live in a world like that. I have 3 little cousins with different forms of asbergers and I am honestly so impressed with how intelligent they are. I think that working with animals would be an amazing job. I know shelters look for someone to photograph the animals to help them get adopted. I also know a few people who work in a library and love it. Make a list of skills that you have (include those that your asburgers gives you-some may seem negative but you can always spinn them to be positive). I am so impressed by you and you inspire me to not give up even when things are hard.

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talking is so useless.

I disagree completely. We don’t talk enough. There are so many things unsaid that if as a society we weren’t scared to talk about we could solve problems.

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Fill my heart with mercy please!

I have but not in the relationship sense. I love my grandpa unconditionally and I honestly don’t know if I could survive without him.

I think that in order to love unconditionally in the relationship sense you have to love yourself unconditionally first. This is something I need to work on but I think once I realize what I deserve I could be in a functioning relationship with that kind of love.

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I had a bad panic attack with my therapist and now I don’t feel safe.

I have tried several times to talk about this on here and the only advice ive gotten is "brush it off", "suck it up", "rub some dirt in it". I AM DONE. I thought of all places here people may understand but this is ridiculous.

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serious question

Be weird! Yesterday I asked for a random persons hardboiled eggs at work who was going to throw them out and I’ve only
Been at this job for a week. At the train station today I was singing to my music out loud. I make silly faces all the time regardless who’s watching. My best friend weird tutus to college classes. Embrace your weirdness and you will find fun friends to be weird with.

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Aaah, Valentine..!

I learned to love myself

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This story is amazing and you and your other half will laugh about it for years to come! Also I’ve always considered doing the same thing so it is good to know that it does not work! It will take time to recover from the embarrassment but embrace it and learn to laugh at yourself bc this is a hilarious story.

Much love ❤️

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I feel like I’m pushing my boyfriend away.

DocteurRalph wrote:
. That doesn't leave a lot of time, maybe you could get a job where he works or go to the same school or something.

You should not follow your bf like a puppy to spend time with him. You are an independent women

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