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No not a doctor, not even a Ralph...

Where did you grow up?

Cornfields of Indiana

Where do you live now?

Hills of Tennessee

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

Still attaining

What subjects did/do you enjoy most at school?

After school back seat of my car female anatomy lessons

What's your favorite sport or sports?

Football. The NFL, not the futbol played with a round ball and your feet

What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

Slave to master

What hobbies are you into?

Shooting, hunting, killing and grilling

What causes are you concerned about today?

Illegal immigration into the U S of A

If you claim a political party affiliation, which is it?

Far right wing Republican, farther right than that even

Which religion (if any) do you follow?


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Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

written () ago

It's as much a celebration of Ireland around here as a religious holiday, and since my dad's family came to America from Ireland during the potato famine in the 1840's I'm going to celebrate.

NFL Superbowl LIII Poll ...

written () ago

Okay this Sunday, February 3rd at 6:30 PM Eastern time the best two football teams this year will meet in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia to decide the champion.

Nobody else is going to start a post, looks like I'll have to talk to myself.

written () ago

Okay I know we've got a lot of crazy people here, has anyone ever attended NA classes.. that's Narcotics Anonymous to the uninitiated. They're just like AA for alcohol I suppose, although I've never been to one of those.

Just thought I'd put this out there.

written () ago

The old name is for sale, kind of makes me glad it's not around.

NFL Superbowl Poll II

written () ago


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How long has it been since this site closed?

Wow I didn't think it had been that long. So what's the deal, Rockster is the mastermind behind this site and he finally decided to take some time and put it all back together? I think we all owe him a great big round of applause! Hip hip hooray!

- written - voted for by Mya, ProffVampy, PepperJ, Silverset, Padre_J_Roulston
i'm tired of chasing the happiness myth

I just can't relate. I've never had any problem being happy, this whole soul sucking life thing doesn't make sense. I think maybe you are trying to live up to some ideal that someone else planted in your head about who you have to be or what you have to accomplish in order to be happy. Forget all that. If you're not cold and hungry you are doing fine, smile about it. Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.

- written - voted for by verge, DragonLady, BA1, smiley
psychomanteum is a term brought to you by the ancient greeks,

Heck I'm thinking about setting up one of these rooms. If nothing else it sounds like a cool place to hide from the wife.

- written - voted for by BA1, Jebus-Zeus, Rockster160
Update on my mom’s condition (Ilse/Aisha).

Sorry about your mom. When my mom died it was the roughest time in my entire life. It kind of made a hole in me that has never really been filled. I did read something the other day that made me look at it in a new light though. It was a sign that said "Because someone I loved is in heaven, there's a little bit of heaven in my heart". Glad you stayed with her.

- written - voted for by Manthy, ~CaraMia~, BA1
Were the suicide posts of 10 years ago scripted ????

I'm sure a lot of the posts were made up. I kind of hope so actually, I would hate to think that there was just a constant supply of people that were really ready to kill themselves. Then again I'm sure there are, but how many of them get on a computer and type in "help"?

By the way that's something I want to address. This site is REALLY hard to find, the old one wasn't. Even if you type in HelpQA it comes up with something else. I think a name change is in order maybe with a space between the Help and the other letters so that someone who does just type in "help" might accidentally end up here. That's what it's all about I think. That's how I found the place and it has helped me a lot.

- written - voted for by Silverset, Padre_J_Roulston, Legion
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Do boys just complain more than girls?

You know, I would say that it is exactly the opposite of what you suggest. In my experience I have noticed that girls just complain more than boys. There are just some people that are never happy though, no matter what you do for them or what their circumstances in life are they will always complain. I like to call these people "complainers". In fact everyone where I work calls these people complainers and 8 times out of 10 they are of the female persuasion. I rest my case.

- written
How to calm anxiety?

I'm down with the ****porn answer myself, but if that doesn't help lots of alcohol and xanax will help immensely. Hell you might even forget why you started drinking and eating pills... and yes xanax can be bought without the help of a doctor. You can get them over the counter in Mexico if you can't find any dealers in your hood.

- written
How will you survive the collapse of civilization?

I have about 30 rifles and shotguns plus quite a few pistols and so much ammo it should be a crime. I plan on just taking whatever I need from people who plan ahead. I also camp out a lot so I have a lot of stuff for living off the land. Plus I'm in Tennessee, 30 miles outside of Nashville there pretty much is no civilization. I'm not sure some people will even notice anything has changed. Born on a mountain, raised in a cave. F*cking and fighting is all I crave. Neither of those require electricity or even wifi.

- written
Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Cats are pretty much a waste of time and space if you ask me. I mean when you come home from a long day of doing whatever you do your cat is nowhere to be seen. A dog will come running and wag its tail and rub against you and make you feel like you are the greatest person in the world. Just the sad puppy dog eyes looking up at you are enough to make anyone fall in love. Meanwhile the cat is in the house shitting behind your bed and clawing your curtains...

- written
Places to see in United States?

Oh yeah go to Niagara Falls it's really cool. Plus it's on the Canadian border and Canada is pretty cool too. I drove all the way out west through Canada one time and it was better than the trip through 'Merika. Lake Louis and Banff National Forest stick out in my mind. Well I probably remember that place as being so special because I met someone there that was special...

- written
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