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This song hit like a I'm sharing.

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Maybe someone else feels the same way...

Very nice song for those who are just setting out together.

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For those, I wish you HAPPINESS and JOY.

post closed....thank you

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Dearest Darling Mother

Dear Manthy...
I realize that you are going through the hardest days that you have ever known.
I am so so sorry for the passing of your Mom...
I understand completely.

Manthy, after my Mom passed, an old friend handed me a poem, hoping that it would help.

I am passing it on to you, Hon.
With the same hope...that it may help you in some way...

Along with the poem also comes a gentle hug...just because.


Do you want to talk about her

Every minute of the day?

Do you always think about her

When you walk and when you pray?

Do you grieve the day she left us

With a constant aching song?

Do you call out with a fresh cry

When you realize she is gone?

Do you long to see her sweet face

One more time before you die?

Do you talk to her when you're alone

And wait for her reply?

Do you? Do you?

If you do,

I want to talk to you.

For I know you understand.

We are allies in our grief

In this dry and thirsty land.

We will hold unto each other

As we share in what is gone.

As we share in what is gone.

Did you know her dreams of wholeness;

Did you hold them in your hands?

Did you listen to her pain's cry

As she wrestled with the sands?

Did you walk beside her walking

As her body fell apart?

Did you love her gracefully

As she loved you from the start?

Did you try in some small way

To make life easier to bear?

Did you share in her burdens

By showing that you care?

Did you? Did you? This I want to know

If you did, I want to talk to you,

For I know you were her friend.

You valued her as I did

And loved her to the end.

And loved her to the end.

Do you want to talk about her

Every minute of the day?

If you do,

Let's talk about her

Let's talk the night away.

**You loved this Woman. I was someone who would chat with her on this site.
But I knew immediately that she was a very special woman.
And I believe that you were BOTH blessed by being Mother and Daughter...

Wishing you Peace and Love at this time, Manthy....and always....Cara

- written - voted for by Max
i said some horrible things about a good person.

There has to be a reason for feeling so lost, hon.
Sometimes we do strike out at the innocent when we are feeling left out, or just when feeling a bit blue.
Since no damage was done, first you have to forgive yourself for your blurb.
The fact that you are so torn with the mistake says a lot about you though.
Just be more careful....Let yourself move on.
It will be ok..... Really!

- written - voted for by tricky
What song do you have stuck in your head?

smiley wrote:
Random. Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell. It has no special significance. I think I must have heard or seen something of it today.

I get this one on a loop in my head....and that is just fine with me....Love it!!

- written - voted for by smiley

Ohhhhh wow.
I'm so jealous!
Is this move for pleasure or because you simply need someplace to go?
I lived in Honolulu a few years back....there is no place like it that I know.
When that plane was landing, I looked out that window and saw something soooo incredibly beautiful.
The blueness of the ocean rolling into Waikiki.
Gorgeous. Seriously.
And temps sitting right on top of 80 degrees every single day.
Have you been there before, Anon?
If not...oh boy do you have something wonderful waiting for you.
If nothing else, just get on Nimitz Highway...keep your windows down...and drive past the Dole pineapple Plantation...BREATHE IT IN.
Aw now I'm homesick.
I hope that you are going to love it as much as I did...and more.
Good luck, Anon.
aloha ke akua .

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
I'm so glad to see this site I thought it was gone forever !!!!

I cannot "gush" enough about this site...I do know that on the original, we all became like one big family. And I can tell, easily, that's precisely where this new HELP is heading right back there to that feeling of family. THANK YOU!!!!

- written - voted for by Nix
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I am an ant assassin.

[‌quote 😎B.A.1😎]1. Pound a 5' stick of rebar into the center of the ant mound, leaving about 18" exposed.
2. Wait for a dark and stormy night - one that involves thunder and electrical activity.
3. Trim your high flying kite in aluminum foil.
4. Run a thin strand of copper wire in tandem with your kite string (about 1,000 linear feet), making sure it is securely fastened to the kite AND making sure the co per wire is fixed to the aluminum trim.
5. Launch your kite into the storm and firmly tie it to the iron rebar.
6. Get the h#!! back! [/qu

OMG...I...almost...I mean...I just about...I need to stop laughing at this reply...PsYcHe!!!!!
😆 😆

- written
What do you all think about a woman dating a guy who is a little over 4 years younger than her?

Age should not even be a factor when both parties are over 21 and free.
I know somebody personally who is 41, and involved with a 24 year old younger man.
They are soul mates.
They have been together for over 5 years.
And to see them together is VERY uplifting.
People really do love being in their presence...I am one of those people.
Why does age even have to be a factor if both people are so completely happy together?
Enjoy the goodness of what you have...don't analyze it so much.

Peace and Love....always....Cara

- written
Question 4...

**PamelaAnn** wrote:
In answer to my own question...what I really need right now is a lot going ON...need that PEACE to help me to think straight...and hopefully get all my ducks in a row...towards happiness.

I wish you all PEACE and LOVE and LIGHT... ❤️

Pamela Ann, I hope that you do find the peace that you are looking for.
Especially with happiness being the end result. quote a friend..."YOU GOOOO, PamAnn!!".

- written
Question 4...

Fern wrote:
I'll tell you if you tell me

Fern....out of curiosity...who were you talking to with this reply???
Was is me or soco?

- written
Question 4...

Thank You for your nice post, Pamela Ann.

- written
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