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"thanks" "sorry" "I love you" "well done"

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simple words, yet almost everyone seem to either forget to tell, or fear, or just not interested enough. whether it is at home, or at the office, or even with friends, some nice words could make someone elses day. and also, what you give is what you get.

happy father's day!!!

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warning: strong stomach required!


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I got it out of my system! Post close please

Let's post some funny videos!!!

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Why does the app for my robot vacuum cleaner need access to my photos and contacts?

Since you got all the funny answers, I'll be serious for a change.
This has been bothering me with most of my apps. I don't have anything to hide, I only have photos of my family. I just can't understand why does the flashlight app need my location! I've seen a few videos that say you can deny access, but I can't download anything if I don't allow access. I've recently read somewhere that everything you type in your messages, posts, emails, even if you don't send them, the information is being kept. I also don't like the way google works but you can't download anything without a google account. I don't know, maybe I'm being paranoid here, but as you said, why does the app for your vacuum cleaner need your contacts?

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How To Clean A Cat

If you are trying to get your cat killed, hurting yourself, trying to get yourself killed: please, seek professional help!

Call this hotline (1-800-273-8255) operated by our friends at the Catlivesmatter Lifeline, anytime, for free, professional, and confidential assistance. While other Helpers are likely to reply to your post, please make sure you understand that your cat works in mysterious ways.

Note: I'm a robot that Kalinihta programmed. If this response is in error, I apologize, please ignore it.

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What do I do to survive the three weeks until my gastro appointment (optional: what's wrong with me)

So, you're slightly anemic, which sounds logical since you've got dysphagia. Nothing to worry about. Ferritin levels take some time to change.
I'd suggest you do all the tests YOU feel necessary, so you'll be absolutely sure about the results and have absolutely no doubt about your health.
Keep us updated.

- written - voted for by CarolineFCY, soco
Let the dead bury the dead.

I'm very confused. I've been signed up for a couple of days now (thanks big al one) and all I see is people saying they are leaving the forum. And now I see your post, forgive me, I don't know you and I don't mean to be rude, but you seem butthurt because people didn't respond to your advice. YOU CAN'T SAVE ANYONE WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE SAVED. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try. You can give your advice but you can't expect everyone to accept it. You gave some good advice, even though I'm not sure about tyrosine, I've tried some nootropics to improve alertness, but they just made me nervous. So, your advice is not for everyone and I can't see why you'd get pissed about that.

- written - voted for by BIG-AL-ONE, Rockster160
Suicidal or not...

two scenarios for death.
either you die and that's it. nothing. nada. or you die and there's afterlife. if you choose to die, you'll either become nothing, or you'll go to hell for commiting suicide.
if you choose to live, there are many scenarios. some good, some bad, but they're all something. well, something is better than nothing and, for sure, better than hell.
I'd say live to see where life takes you. if you want, you can do anything crazy that comes to your mind (except killing or torturing!). That is something. you must have something that you always wanted to do with your life but never did. or better, you could write a list of the things you always wanted and start doing them. if you're not satisfied with your life after doing those, then fine. but give yourself a chance. a chance to find joy in life. because if you find this, then, you'll wish you could live forever.
if you think that there's nothing to keep you going, you might be depressed. depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain. please seek medical advice before you make a choice that you can't undo.

- written - voted for by BIG-AL-ONE
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Art lessons.

it would help if you told us what kind of art and the age of the students.

- written
So...I have this thing about smoking weed.

Anonymous wrote:

DocteurRalph wrote:
I know a lot of people that have been smoking pot their whole lives and now are smoking wax. It's a whole lot stronger and most of them won't even smoke a joint any more.

this sounds interesting. i dont know anyone doing it tho :\

please don't do this ****shit. or any other ****shit. what you're asking, is a gateway to hell. and there's no returning. you'll always need something stronger until someday you'll realize that drugs don't help with the problem. they just musk it and they actually bring new problems. you have to find a new way to deal with life.

- written
I hate everyone.

let it out! it'll help! I'm here if want to get mad at someone! :)

- written
I've been scared of someone for years and because of the illness I had feel bad for even considering contacting them.

Anonymous wrote:
Thanks I have walked passed him and ignored him. He has done nothing to me and I've left him alone.
I have booked to see a counsellor for September.

yay! well done!!!

- written
how do i post photos here?

sorry I'm late, had to do the calculations!
this photo is definitely photoshopped.
this is what an overweight person would look like: her bmi is at the orange one.
so, what you're looking at the sports illustrated photo, is a perfectly healthy woman.

- written
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