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One of the most interesting things in life is to learn about stages and stations.

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To obtain wisdom and experience and to expand and share this as well as observing the natural cycle in others.

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Help-QA feature poll: Changing Anonicons

I think the individual should be responsible for their content and not be under the protection of anonymity. This means that one have to think more about what one post.

Within this setup there is already a sort of mystery as of who the individuals really are, and there is enough room for being anonymous already in that regards.

If one cannot own up to what one say or become scared of someone finding out, then maybe those things should not be posted online at all for all to see.

Does not mean it have to be that way. Its just my opinion on the matter.

- written - voted for by PepperJ, BIG.AL.ONE
Trust issues.

You lack self acceptance. That is the root to your insecurities.

- written - voted for by BIG.AL.ONE
this is why i don't trust pharmaceutical drugs or the company's who make them...

One of the things that happens within the emotions is that empathy is subdued and the darker nature’s of man comes forth. This is difficult to handle for the individual and require great strength of mind to overcome.
The feelings in general alter so much that the personality changes and the suppressed inner being comes forth and manifests as something we could call evil.

These side effects are often downplayed and silenced, but are well known. In most cases it does not come forth in a strong manner, but for a small percentage that has the latency, it has devastating effects.

The need to look again on substances and chemicals is adamant for a greater understanding of the human psyche and the understanding of consciousness. The fact of the matter is that the violence lives within all of us as we are beings of light and dark forces, but the influences and the potential separate us in how the influence manifest in the individual.

I find great danger in tampering with the body chemistry and this is also not an exact science in any way. Most of it is at an experimental stage where there are massive human trials in effect and there are no sound regulations on this to make sure that bad things does not happen. Many lives are ruined and lost because of it and the dark numbers are far too high to let it go by unnoticed.
One issue is that credibility is taken away from people undergoing treatments and what we have is the voice of beard stroking men with no actual experience of what happens on the individual level. The authority has been taken and is thus also given blindly to entities with no other interest than self preservation.

- written - voted for by Jebus-Zeus
This is just so beautiful and true I just have to share.

If we look into the esoteric and the mystery schools, the importance comes with the cleansing and polishing of the heart. That means the refinement of character through practice and experience. The focus on the shell is temporary and flawed, wasting time that can be used for betterment of self.
This is what is needed for individual growth and also for the growth of the general population.

The focus on the box, the label or the possessions of an individual leads away from the narrow path and also darkens and hardens the heart. We can see this all around manifested in many different ways. The focus of many is to lead people astray and make sure they do not discover what lives within as that would be a cause for (r)evolution.

I do not adhere to any religion, but hold to the belief in the teachings we can find worldwide. If we can look beyond the shell, we see the individual. If we look at the shell, we will never see the individual. This is one of the reasons the shell can be detrimental for the individual as it can prohibit personal growth. We also have false preachers talking about beauty and the graces, not knowing what is actually meant studying the teachings. The problems multiply when we combine half truths with false beliefs.

There is also the danger of believing that one see into the individual while merely staring at a wishful reflection. This causes all sorts of problems as leeway is given for atrocious acts and we also get the legitimacy for evil to come into existence and thrive.

The balance is difficult to obtain and uphold. One cannot simply choose to see only light, as there is a natural force in the balancing that mean we need to accept and see the darkness as well. And this also starts within the individual. If the individual do not recognize and integrate their own darkness into their being, the light will remain tainted. There cannot be made sound choices based on ignorance, it has to come from knowledge.

Many a time people learn about this through the life path. Some sooner than others. This does not mean there is a specific way of actions and choices that will always be correct. There is no such thing and a lot of the bad is needed to come forth to realize certain things.

Sometimes we can gain a lot of insight looking towards the elders amongst us. Some of them hold great wisdom from a lifetime of experiences and choices. Some of the things they talk about is only given context when personal experience line up alongside to provide understanding.
Naturally, this does not mean one should become a follower, but gaining wisdom from others experiences is valuable and it makes our own path shorter and more efficient.

We could dive into these matters and explore lots more of the depth, but there are times and places allotted for all these things.

- written - voted for by Lawn
Do you believe in soulmates?

I believe in opportunities for personal growth.

Some people will awaken love in you with no desire to return the favor. Some will treat you like crap. Some will tell you the truth. Some will give you guidance. Some will give you information. Some will give you help. Some will give you their heart.

In spiritual theory, as BA1 mentions, the search for the ideal mate can be seemingly endless as it’s hard to tell when the pairing will take place. For some it might have been a chance gone by as well as we are not always open to what life brings us.

To grow as a human being is painful. So we need to go through quite an ordeal to get understanding of what is worth while and what is not. Many live under the delusion that one can just lull about and everything will come like a destiny or fate.
The work one put in calls upon the future and brings in the needed experiences.

The lessons can be hard to discern as one might be too caught up in an ideal or idea so that one get in the way of it. This is the inherent stupidity in mankind and part of our immaturity. This has nothing to do with age btw.

When one opens up for experiences and start learning, changes come about. It does not always feel like it’s for the better, but that is until the experience is there.
If one refuse all this, one become a shell or a walking dead of which life tends to stay pretty much exactly the same year in and year out.

- written - voted for by Evansent
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Trust issues.

You lack self acceptance. That is the root to your insecurities.

- written
Any ideas for how to counter mob mentality?

smiley wrote:
No, that's definitely not my intention.

I don't want to lead anyone. I just want to know if there is a way to motivate people to think instead of just blindly going along, especially if what they are going along with goes against their own stated morality or values.

Yes, by becoming an individual.

You wont even have to speak. Just by walking through a group of people your influence will start the process.

- written
Why are many young people proclaiming their bipolar?

Living in an unsane environment has effects on the psyche.

Anyone that is not struggling internally is of a much greater concern than those who do.

- written
Any ideas for how to counter mob mentality?

smiley wrote:

Grim_Hardcastle wrote:
Become an individual

No, I mean to cause people who are already in a mob to think for themselves instead of just following.

If you become an individual you hold the power to inspire.

What you are talking about now is merely becoming a dictator where you impose your view and beliefs on others.
By becoming an individual, the ones that can take in the information will come to you for it. The rest is not of your concern nor your responsibility to control.

- written
Any ideas for how to counter mob mentality?

Become an individual

- written
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