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Perfect timing for me to need some advice...

sounds like you're parenting him more than being his partner, every time you suggest reasonable options he dismisses them and places the blame elsewhere. a relationship in the early days is meant to be fun, I can see ending it looks hard as he is living with you but you have to put yourself first.

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Hello everyone Happy new year.

Happy new year to you too x

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UK Netflix suggestions?

stranger things, I've not had chance to watch anything else as the child insists on mlp

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Evansent wrote:
I remember reading the "mera"post years ago . I also remember feeling really sorry for the girl.
Didn't she have multiple personality disorder?

There must have been something wrong with her, no one would make up all the crap she did just for a laugh. The thing is we're 10 years on, she could have grown up/got the help she needed and be an OK person now

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Red1263 wrote:
Not to be the baron of bad news, but chances are that there will be another mera/pae/etc person in the future, so what's the contingency plan for when/if they come?

Oh there'll always be another mera, I got sucked into her baby/birth/loss story, maybe I was more affected as I'd shared my loss story with her, I guess once you start to question if things don't add up go with your instinct, i guess mods can see a little more than us and maybe can spot something.

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Has anyone seen my lost dog?

I recognise the pic, who was it though?

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