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What is an NSFW post?

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I tried to make a new post and it has in the upper left corner the letters in red: NSFW

So...All in all my new boss is cool except...

written () ago

I think she's SUPER bipolar or something. She really kind of blows my mind. From the moment I met her she's seemed pretty gung-ho to give me a try which I appreciate.

* sad *

written () ago

filler because helpqa doesn't like short posts.

All this time....

written () ago

Still wish I'd die...

would u take a job that's a bit higher pressure and 30-45 minutes away for 80 dollars more a week?

written () ago

it is inbound call center sales and is 2 dollars an hour more plus commission on sales.

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im not going on television and saying my dog is a terrorist and THE RED CROSS DRINKS OUR BLOOD.

But...The Red Cross does drink our blood. Toto got a bone.

...The rest of that stuffs...throw a little herb on it and bake.

- written - voted for by Jebus-Zeus
would u take a job that's a bit higher pressure and 30-45 minutes away for 80 dollars more a week?

i decided to stick with the job i have. the icing on the cake was when they sent a contradictory email. one said "we are making a preliminary job offer, but do not quit your current job until the background check and drug screen is done and we make a final offer"

After asking if this Tuesday would be good to start the background check and drug screen since it's my first day off from my current job i received another email saying "no we need to get it started today"

i took that as evidence that their left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing so much and could really be a sign this place is really a cluster ***fuk. i ignored the second email and chose to stay with my current job.

while the commission sales might be nice, the drive there and back is historically awful, and wear and tear on the car concerns as well as other expenses....

i just couldn't bite that bullet right now.

thank you all for your advice. i think this is for the best. i will write them a new email saying i appreciate the opportunity but maybe should wait till next time.

the current job doesn't pay as much, but it's right across the street. saves gas, wear and tear on car, and they even feed me occasionally reducing my cost of living.

occasionally on a good day, vendors will even offer up perfectly good items they remove from our store to send back because they're close to being expired or whatever reason. things like loaves of bread even that are really handy.

i had a former job that paid for a business phone and car insurance as a perk. i had to be laid off from the job sadly before i took the gas station job. even though i was let go, i still update their websites and get to keep the perks as my fee each month.

since i don't have to pay for my phone or car insurance, n my mom helps with the car long as this job can pay rent and buy food when they're not feeding me then it's the easiest and most financially sound choice i can make right now i think.

i've worked for inbound call center sales before. it's ok. it's not a horrible environment at all of them(some of them totally suck for sure).

but it's just not worth it right now considering the distance and time it'd eat up.

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
Is there a free website that can help me track a couple of my friends with whom I lost contact?

DocteurRalph wrote:
Yeah I was going to suggest the white pages. If they've ever had a phone you can track where it was... of course now that no one has land lines that doesn't work near as well. About half the population is on Facebook, if they're not there find some of their friends on Facebook and ask them.

Come on man, I seem to be able to track down every girl I ever had a crush on in high school and they don't even have the same last name anymore. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

A stalkers best friend.

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
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What is an NSFW post?

The OP should choose to take the risk or not. It should not be this site that takes it upon itself to do it for others.

Viewers of posts should also be able to choose to take the risk or not and not have the site do it for them.

They can do it by letting OP check whether or not post should be NSFW or not.

The current NSFW settings could be a check for everyone to have if they want the current NSFW settings.

This way OP can make the post with the original intention of getting it to everyone who will read it who will not mind if they're "NSFW" posts.

The viewers can protect themselves by continuing to filter posts the OP doesn't feel is NSFW by checking an option to leave current NSFW settings in place.

The site can send posts marked NOT NSFW as normal in the feed, or whatever, the site could still ignore any posts that would have been triggered by the current NSFW feature for all viewers by letting users check a box indicating whether they want to see them or not.

I hope this is clear cause I really want admins/devs to think about it.

- written
is youtube distorting the sounds to get you to pay premium quality?

now that you mention it, i noticed several videos in a row that made me think something was wrong with my audio or maybe was missing data in the stream or something lol. i have found one so far since then that i thought sounded normal...

- written
this is the only poem i ever wrote or will write.

yah i wrote like 4 or 5 and quit too lol

ok ok, i'll share my first ever written poem...if you can call it a poem


clears throat

I call this " "

here goes:

Jump in, jump out, the cat got out of the house, and into the garbage. Bad cat!

believe it or not, this was written before i started using drugs. :)

- written
this site used to be yellow right?

Hm...I can't decide between:


- written
Anyone remember my irritating ass?

welcome back though

- written
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