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Anyone a doctor?

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nutritionist? just smart and knows?

I knew I'd go grey.

written () ago

I thought I'd one day notice a hair here, a hair there. Till one day I'd lost count.

i'm tired of chasing the happiness myth

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life doesn't take your soul when it ends and death begins. it takes it relentlessly before you physically die. that's the surprise. Is why there are those of us who would welcome death. or at least want it to hurry up and get over with.

We look at some of the simplest life on the planet and think it's gross or bad.

written () ago

Bacteria, viruses etc...

What is an NSFW post?

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I tried to make a new post and it has in the upper left corner the letters in red: NSFW

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I knew I'd go grey.

This really isn't a post about grey hair. I mean it is, and the advice about dying is great, but I'm more worried bout DYING.

I don't want the grey cause it means I'm getting too old too fast.

I don't want to dye or die.

I don't want to be old and grey yet but it's already too late.

gerying early in your teens doesn't count lol.

- written - voted for by smiley
im not going on television and saying my dog is a terrorist and THE RED CROSS DRINKS OUR BLOOD.

But...The Red Cross does drink our blood. Toto got a bone.

...The rest of that stuffs...throw a little herb on it and bake.

- written - voted for by Jebus-Zeus
would u take a job that's a bit higher pressure and 30-45 minutes away for 80 dollars more a week?

i decided to stick with the job i have. the icing on the cake was when they sent a contradictory email. one said "we are making a preliminary job offer, but do not quit your current job until the background check and drug screen is done and we make a final offer"

After asking if this Tuesday would be good to start the background check and drug screen since it's my first day off from my current job i received another email saying "no we need to get it started today"

i took that as evidence that their left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing so much and could really be a sign this place is really a cluster ***fuk. i ignored the second email and chose to stay with my current job.

while the commission sales might be nice, the drive there and back is historically awful, and wear and tear on the car concerns as well as other expenses....

i just couldn't bite that bullet right now.

thank you all for your advice. i think this is for the best. i will write them a new email saying i appreciate the opportunity but maybe should wait till next time.

the current job doesn't pay as much, but it's right across the street. saves gas, wear and tear on car, and they even feed me occasionally reducing my cost of living.

occasionally on a good day, vendors will even offer up perfectly good items they remove from our store to send back because they're close to being expired or whatever reason. things like loaves of bread even that are really handy.

i had a former job that paid for a business phone and car insurance as a perk. i had to be laid off from the job sadly before i took the gas station job. even though i was let go, i still update their websites and get to keep the perks as my fee each month.

since i don't have to pay for my phone or car insurance, n my mom helps with the car long as this job can pay rent and buy food when they're not feeding me then it's the easiest and most financially sound choice i can make right now i think.

i've worked for inbound call center sales before. it's ok. it's not a horrible environment at all of them(some of them totally suck for sure).

but it's just not worth it right now considering the distance and time it'd eat up.

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
Is there a free website that can help me track a couple of my friends with whom I lost contact?

DocteurRalph wrote:
Yeah I was going to suggest the white pages. If they've ever had a phone you can track where it was... of course now that no one has land lines that doesn't work near as well. About half the population is on Facebook, if they're not there find some of their friends on Facebook and ask them.

Come on man, I seem to be able to track down every girl I ever had a crush on in high school and they don't even have the same last name anymore. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

A stalkers best friend.

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
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i'm tired of chasing the happiness myth

DocteurRalph wrote:
I just can't relate. I've never had any problem being happy, this whole soul sucking life thing doesn't make sense. I think maybe you are trying to live up to some ideal that someone else planted in your head about who you have to be or what you have to accomplish in order to be happy. Forget all that. If you're not cold and hungry you are doing fine, smile about it. Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.

That's cause the world is full of fake people who don't give a ****shit about you enough to bother giving up enough of their time to get to know your problems. I understand that and don't expect you to cause I don't give a ****shit about you enough to give up my time either. It is the miracle of places like this that people come together and bother listening to some ******fucked up stranger anyway. But if what you say is even possibly remotely true, i promise you everyone is crying alone then.

As for you, you freak, bottle that happiness ****shit and sell it cause you're not the only one who doesn't look around and see that life is full of ****shit, but if you're not crying you outta be selling. Stop being selfish.

Seriously though, if you're walking around and nothing has ever bothered you you're a freak.

- written
I knew I'd go grey.

PepperJ wrote:
I liked mine too :)I could "see" them before they were there, and it made me happy.

I'm glad you will have smile lines instead of frown lines :)

after reading this reply, something tells me hair isn't all you're seeing when it's not really there either. pass whatever drugs you're on over here i need some of that... lol

- written
I knew I'd go grey.

Araz wrote:

PepperJ wrote:
I will also agree that having a face that looks happy and shows laugh lines over the years is optimal.

Iโ€™m 32 and when I laugh or smile hard, I can kind of see little laugh lines around my eyes. Theyโ€™re not deep, but I can definitely see where they will be permanently in the future. I actually like them ๐Ÿ˜Š

32 wasn't bad for me either. i wasn't sweatn wrinkles Very much anyway. give it bout 5 years.

it's weird though isn't it? that grey hairs might bother me more than wrinkles? i think when i get wrinkles i'm going to assert my elder wisdom on all the stupid people. with my cane. and i won't mind if it takes giving you instructions multiple times with it either!!!

- written
I knew I'd go grey.

smiley wrote:

Araz wrote:
Theyโ€™re not wrinkles, theyโ€™re laugh lines ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thanks. Unfortunately, my forehead has been laughing since I was 19. I'm not a grumpy person, but these look more like angry eyebrows lines.

Maybe I needed to look more serious, and not be Smiley so much.

I don't recommend faking a smile(even tho i do it all the time) it's soul crushing. If you can genuinely smile, no you don't need to stop. Tell us how.

- written
I knew I'd go grey.

smiley wrote:
Its all how you look at it.

Now that I'm older, I've got a really cool silver stripe in my mouse-brown hair. I'm more cushiony for my children and pets to hug and snuggle. Sometimes an ache or pain will slow me down and make me take time to look around and think, not just go go go.

I haven't yet come up with a positive way of looking at wrinkles. Can anyone help me out?

No. I've noticed those too I'm just bracing for impact for the day I wake up and realize they've taken over my face. And everything else. I don't notice wrinkles even on really old people much so I could be wrong when I say I think they'd just make me look ugly. Maybe it's just cause it's me I'm thinking of and not anyone else.

But at least with wrinkles you're undeniably old or older. You can tell newer people what life was like without smart phones and virtual reality? Like our olders told us about walking 10ft in the snow?(which I still believe is highly exaggerated)

So I guess the only good thing about wrinkles is maybe people will be understanding when I'm a grumpy old man. For some reason dumb f*ks can't understand why I'm already a grumpy man. Maybe grumpy old man just makes more sense to stupid people?

- written
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