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My name is Caroline, I’m 26 and I’m from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK!

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and lived there until I was 3 before moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Where do you live now?

I live by the sea, in a lovely coastal village of Seaton Delaval, a couple of miles off Whitley Bay.

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

I’m currently studying for my PhD in Clinical psychology.

What kind of jobs have you held? Industries too!

I’m currently a junior clinical psychologist. I’ve also worked in many bars whilst studying.

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I’ve really missed this website!

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I used to love it back in the day when it was, I’m so happy that it is back up and running ☺️

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We should make this a secular site.

I think people should be able to post about what they wish including religion. If you don’t like reading about it the best thing to do would be to scroll past and ignore it. I’m not religious, but I don’t mind people expressing their views. It’s all about freedom of speech in my opinion ☺️

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We should make this a secular site.

Nevermind wrote:
I feel like in order to have this discussion and it mean anything you have to be willing to consider the otherside just as O am yours.
But you are only willing to see your perception.
We as a group are willingly ro accept your believes but you are not willing to meet us half way and accept

At this point it almost feels like you just wanna work people up and fight.

So I'm gonna stop replying because I dont want encourage that.

I'm sorry someone hurt you but all humans are flawed. Therefore you can't force religion to be suppressed because it's what you want. If you dont eamt ro discuss religion it's very easy. Dont.

Anyway. I hope you have a good Easter.

You took the words right out of my mouth

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I’ve really missed this website!

@Dolly I couldn’t remember my old screen name that I used to use! I think I used to pop into chat from time to time though ☺️

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We should make this a secular site.

And secular beliefs aren’t toxic to those with religious beliefs? Although it sounds that you have been hurt by religion and that it doesn’t work for you, it does work for millions of people around the world. The key to peace is understanding and acceptance that people don’t share the same beliefs and that is ok.

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Anyone remember the longest post ever?

Welcome back ☺️

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I leave for five minutes...

I’m pretty sure I remember you! However I can’t remember my old screen name that I used to use, it’s been a while!

Welcome back!

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