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For those of you in the USA, a site was shown to me in case you need assistance finding food/paying a bill or whatever.


I am going on reputation alone, but have no reason to doubt the source of the information.

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If you are contemplating suicide, hurting yourself, or you are seriously depressed: please, seek professional help!

Call this hotline (1-800-273-8255) operated by our friends at the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, anytime, for free, professional, and confidential assistance. While other Helpers are likely to reply to your post, please make sure you understand that your use of Help-QA.com falls under our TOS.

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Hacksaw tounge
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looks quite handy .. thanks padre

Dr. ralph club zps9ornptsl
(2 days after post)
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Those of us in the USA are up to our necks in handouts these days. Everyone I know is having trouble hiring people because of the covid 19 unemployment insurance act. Brings that unemployment up to $600 a week which is a lot like $15 an hour. So basically if you're not offering people $20 an hour it's really hard to get them motivated to work.

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