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Has anyone else been having problems with Facebook?

I live in Canada (camped on the mountain overlooking Osoyoos) &, lately, have been seeing many of my posts being deleted as spam or contravening Facebook 'rules': We removed your content
Why this happened
It looks like you tried to get likes, follows, shares or video views in a misleading way.
William ******
We can't show this content
You shared this on Facebook
Your content goes against our Community Standards on spam.". The truly frustrating thing is they won't let me know what was deleted & why. All i get is a pop-up window that, when I request a review,leads to ANOTHER pop-up:"Sorry, something went wrong
We're sorry, there's a technical problem with this feature. We're working on getting it fixed." What a load of kife. I'm truly tempted to just plain shitcan Facebook as it seems to be deteriorating into a garbage social media site.

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Sorry to say but your Prime Minister is doing all that.

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He's just the head rubberstamper. Like basically any government out there, lobbyists with piles of cash, or other kinds of 'influence', alongside greedy & shortsighted politicians are who I really blame.

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