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Had a double blow out, very happy yeast :-)

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I'm not sure how many of you out there make your own wine or beer, so I am going to just put this out there.

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I have been making wine for a few years "Apple jack wine" I made 50 gallons this year and keep having the same result, there's a sulfur smell to it and its because of the fermentation process. Does anyone have a way to get rid of that smell? It's going to be there because of the high ABV that I'm going for. I use copper and aeration to make the smell more palatable but I was just wondering if anyone had a different method of doing this.

Hello everyone Happy new year.

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Hello everyone the site looks like it did when I first joined when CNet started it.

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Good job :-)

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I don't usually make political posts.

Here's what I think Trump has done so far that others haven't. He has told the American public what he was going to do if elected and guess what he has been doing it. Granted he is not a politician and most of the time is really blunt with what he says but he has everyone's attention. He has talks with or dealt with the north Koreans, Vietnam, Russia, Iraq, Syria, China, Mexico head on which none of the other presidents did. He has also shaken the boat in both houses to the point some of the elected officials are worried that they will lose their jobs because they cannot work with each other. Here's the deal if the Democrats cant get their party together they will loose the election to Trump again. :-)

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If you had $26M would you invest in a moderately risky venture for an expected 5% return over 5 years?

I suppose if its your money then its up to you. Most businesses dont even get going well in 5 years let alone show a profit. Research is the key here on any investment the more you know the more you will make.

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Has anyone else been having problems with Facebook?

Sorry to say but your Prime Minister is doing all that.

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Alternative lubricants for a ZF manual gearbox?

They recommend a fluid change every 5 years or 50,000 miles. I would do that first and see if there is any metal shavings in the oil. The fluid breaks down after a while depending on hard you are using it, the new tyrannies are not as strong as the old cast ones.

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I have a puzzling problem with a '77 350 Chev engine.

You need to do the basics first. Tune up is needed, plugs, wires, rotor, cap. Make sure that there is no air leaks from any hoses or gaskets. Check the timing most of the time when it pings its too far advanced also take out plug 1 and set the distributor at plug 1 to make sure that it is at top dead center. Even with the modified cam it should be within +/- 5* from stock settings. You might have to run octane booster in the tank that might stop the ping. This is just the basic things to check there is so many more things that you might have to do to make it run well.

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Are you still being affected by covid19?

My family and I have had covid 3 times, the original and both variants. The only way we knew is when one of us was tested positive and we all got tested. No shots, no side affects no problems.

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Electric Stove Tips?

I went from electric to gas because I use all cast iron pots and pans and get a better and more even heating with gas than electric. The main thing with electric is if you have children in the house you should get heat covers for the elements just in case. With children if it can happen it will. Have a great day ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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