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Healing from Adverse Childhood Experiences and unresolved Childhood Emotional Neglect and trauma.

It's been a journey to address how early conditioning influences how trauma responses; like freeze, fawn, flight, or fight; impacts self advocacy or the inability to communicate needs with others.

Have you heard of ACEs? Do you know what your number is? Has CEN conditioned your adult self to demand less from what life can offer, and to accept mediocre attachments that don't offer mutual support?

This Q&A AMA in AskScience just went live and may offer insights to questions you weren't aware you might want answers to.

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If you are contemplating suicide, hurting yourself, or you are seriously depressed: please, seek professional help!

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Thank you Helpbot ๐Ÿ’‹

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The account answering the question isn't answering everything, making it hard to read the relatable ignored posts and expecting an answer.

But, since she's posting lots of helpful links to outside articles and resources, looking at only her replies, may make finding relatable information easier.

I don't have an account over there, and to sort the newest replies, one has to sign in, so this link acts as a work around for those of us who prefer to lurk.

This account has been deactivated.

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