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boyfriend is annoying the ****shit out of me....

I dont even know were to start with this and it will probably come off as very one sided. but I can't even stand talking to my boyfriend at the moment. We recently moved in together and both got jobs in a down town area. I have been having a hard time with my job from the start. I work at a local spa and the owner has been very unprofessional and hasn't been paying as much as she originally said she would.. I dont know how else to say it but the owner is a complete *****bitch and I know if I bring up how she isn't paying me as much as she said she would she will get pissed off and maybe even fire me because that seems to be a pattern with her. the problem with my boyfriend is that he is pissed off that I won't confront her about it. he is also pissed off at me that I haven't been recording my hours and he will not let it go. I understand I wasn't responsible about the situation but he literally won't stop talking about it and we aren't even talking at the moment because we keep fighting about the situation. Im looking for other jobs now and I feel like it'll all work out if I just keep my head low at this current job and not cause any problems and just quit whenever I find a new job! but my boyfriend refuses to just let me do what I want to do and gets pissed when I tell him that!! he's never like this and I feel like he's acting really controlling. what do you guys think? am I overreacting and wrong for not doing what my bf thinks is right??

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There are three points of view in this story.
You need to ask, who is finally right.
Your boss is using you and stealing from you and you aren't keeping up with the legal paperwork regarding your hours??? Yet, you're pissed and ticked with your boyfriend?
Your boss is *******fucking you over on a daily basis and you won't confront, have no problem rolling your boyfriend to the other side of the bed, nightly, when he wants to ***sex you but you're not in the mood...
Sure. It's easier to find another job, but you're going to let the next person who takes your place, get screwed?
Sorry, but I agree with your boyfriend because when your boss screws you, she's also screwing the both of you.

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Ok you have a point... lol. I was just really heated at the moment because I was feeling overwhelmed by that among other bf is right honestly..But I truly feel like confronting my boss would just make things worse because I know how she is as a person. What should I do in this situation or what would you do?

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What would I do?

The trouble is, you haven't kept legal track of your hours - which also happens to be the very proof your boss is practicing bad business behavior(s).

Had you documented your hours, you could contact the BBB (Better Business Beauro) OR the the Board of Labor.

Your boss is committing small-town larceny (and/or a number of other "light" crimes). She needs to be warned/sued and pay up and start flying right.

But, all is not lost.
I would keep the job you have while looking for another job. That could take a while. In the meantime, start keeping better records of your hours and pay. Also keep track of your deductions - some of them may be felonious.

After a month or two...confront her. Because at that point she's not just a "Boss" or Overlord that owns you - criminals come with dramatic themes.
Let her have it her way.
Then sue her.

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I totally understand your perspective on this. You don’t want to confront your boss bc you don’t know how it will end and that is scary.

Your boyfriend wants what is best for you and only is seeing the logical approach to your situation which is why he’s getting frustrated.

First I would talk to your coworkers and see if this is happening to any of them. Then I would take the cowards ways out and send a professional email to your boss saying you noticed your paycheck has been short and ask if there has been in error in clocking your hours (that way it brings the issue up but makes you seem like a concerned employee that wants to make sure you’re doing everything correctly)

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Did moving in together mean you both have to pay for things and you can't, because of the boss thing? I can see where that would make him upset and make him bring up the situation and try to control your actions.

If you're paying your share and he just wants to tell you how to deal with your job and boss then maybe he needs to back off. I've had to deal with dishonest bosses I couldn't get away from until I got another job.

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With all due respect, you said you weren't responsible on your job, at least not as much as you should have been. With this and your boyfriend it seems that both sides must put in work. You must sit down and talk with him, tell him that he's being too personal on what you are doing on your job. At the same time you must put in your work, make improvements to show him that you are doing better and being a better provider, and to show your boss that you too are doing your best

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Sometimes boyfriends are not worth the trouble!

It really depends on what you want and what you are receiving from him.

It also depends on how you feel when you are around them, and how much you are putting up with.

Taking all these things into consideration, does it all weigh out balanced? Or is one side lopsided? For instance, does he give you more than you need? Or is he falling completely short of making you happy?

Most importantly, are you happy being with him? overall?

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