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Can anyone recommend how to find a good solicitor for disability discrimination in the workplace in the uk?

Im really struggling how I should choose someone. what makes the issue tricky is some solicitors offer no fee no claim and others don't.

I had been unfairly dismissed for a job because of my disabilities and been lied too and been refused a position the following year for seasonal work. I have likely been discriminated against by the recruitment agency and the employer.

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ACAS or UNISON may be good places to start... - but thats more employment law than a solicitor. As for a good lawyer, can't help - sorry!

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I would start by contacting lawyers and ask who they might recommend. Start with the large firms that advertise on the telly. Write the names down that they give you. After 25 to 35 calls, one name should stick out as highly recommended. That is who you contact.

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