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Can we all get reacquainted with each other.

Jeb has passed. Sad.
I'm an old fart now.
Let's update who we have become..
Covid really messed me up.

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Mr. Mode, covid is no joke. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I just drop in to this site from time to time, but was quite active anonymously for a handful of years before the CBSsellout. You and I never followed one another and any update from me wouldn't mean much, but I have hoped for improvements for every one of the regulars that filled the recently online, line-up, on the front page of this site in all it's forms.

The replies on this guy's insta may offer a relatable sense of community, especially in the comments if you click on one image. The replies remind me a lot of the sharing that happened organically on Erik's original forum. He has other social media too, where he shares random lyrics from songs you probably know.

Not sure how many days it will be until another pops in to reply, but there's sure to be a few, we all once knew. The weekend is around the corner, maybe something good will come this way.

This account has been deactivated.

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I'm basically the same as ever, but older, with 2 new Mexipups & now living in a slide-in camper in the mountains. Living remotely & keeping up my vaccinations meant covid was a non-issue, though my friend Joni wasn't so lucky & came down with long-covid.

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Glad to see you..

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I just read about JEB, for pete sake.
Hit hard, really.
I think that it would be awesome to get the entire original group of helpers to come home again.
This was certainly THE place to go a while ago.
Great people.
Great advice being put out there to help people.
I would definitely come back again to stay.
I've missed HELP so very much....
C'mon....lets get this rolling again!!!! <3

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