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I found when I was 13 years old. 11 years later and Im back

Where did you grow up?


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What bits of wisdom has life taught you?

money does not equal happiness

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For those of you on mental health medication...

Try taking a vitamin D supplement in the morning in addition to your medication.

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@Araz thank you for your response. Everything you said is 100% correct and it is nice to know you understand. Your advise was helpful <3

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soco wrote:
You say tried so I take it you thwarted his attempt. Can you say how? Did you duck out of the way or try to rearrange his *********testicles to behind his tonsils?

It was simple, he leaned in and I turned my head away. After that we continued talking like normal but he was feeling up my leg.

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I forgot to mention that the most recent encounter was at a work outing where everyone had a little too much to drink.

I am working on not over sharing but I slipped up bc of the alcohol. Part of me thinks I lead guys on which is why I have it coming. But the other part of me thinks that a 43 year old coworker should not have tried to kiss me.

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