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I wish people would stop looking at me.

I know I'm too noticable. I'm afraid people are gonna look at me and see me, which makes me anxious, which causes anxious behaviors, which causes more looks, which causes more anxious behaviors, which causes even more looks, which causes tears, which causes panic.

Please don't look at me.

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Happy earth
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Wear large sunglasses, nondescript loose clothing, and keep your hair in a ponytail. It helps a little.

Other than that, just ignore them as well as you can. Humans are interested in humans, it's not you personally.

Still doin stuff for starbyface
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I hate it too. The feeling of even one pair of eyes on you is too powerful, let alone a classroom or a world full of them. I remember walking into a math class in high school and getting a lot of stares. My anxiety said "they're staring because you're in the wrong room." Nope, people just react to stimulus.

Humans are always looking somewhere. Maybe straight ahead, and you pass their path. Maybe at their favorite color, and you're wearing a dark green hoodie. Maybe at a sound or vibration, and you just tripped over the sidewalk. With anxiety, that's going to stick with you for a little while. But probably not with the witness. And even if it does, you probably won't see them again. They're already out of your life.

Actually... if you can't brush them aside or put them in the background? Humanize them. They've cried (maybe in public), farted in class, or worn their shirt backwards or inside out. They can't judge you in good conscience.

Orchid 2
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Unfortunately you can't and will never be able to stop people from starring at you.
But you do have another choice that no one can stop you from following.
Ignore them. Its not easy at first but if you do want to see change you will have to do your part and put in the effort first.
Every time you catch someone starring, divert the attention from thinking of them to something else (your surroundings, positive affirmations, even a song will do). Basically train your mind to flick them off the moment you see yourself heading towards noticing them noticing you. Give them no time whatsoever because that is exactly what intensifies the anxiety for you.

So catch your thoughts VERY EARLY and re-direct the attention. Keep doing this over and over again until it becomes a habit for your mind. You really can re-train habitual thinking, and it really is worth it in the long run.

This reminds me of a beautiful quote by the Austrian Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl:
"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way."

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