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its a funny story..

i know im too much

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Hey yall, How bout some noise!!

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Who are you, why are you so quiet and lurking about? how about some thunder about what we could help out with, stop being so lame and answer this post

For my first time trying

written () ago

growing tomatoes, I've refrained from growing in the yard since there's animals such as squirrels and deer that love freebies.

then there's that

written () ago

the garbage clericomon clinic.

bought this greatest thing pm if yawanna know

written () ago

but i just cant get rid of this logo.

Hate to bring this up

written () ago

With this place on a traffic hiatus, What other platform do you all use??

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I don't care who you are, or what reason you have, if I bring you money to buy a cake and you don't want to sell me a cake, I'm just going to punch you in your face.

i rather try to bathe a cat.. than deal with this lmao

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What keeps you at Help-qa?

the reason i keep coming back i get to be myself without checking myself twice and remain somewhat anonymous.

For me, fb is too revealing-cropped up catalog fake-ee, reddit far too crowded to get familiar with anyone, .. and as for.. craigs-what?.. i prefer if i need some answers fast i'll come looking here.

its like a church or something but without the religion.

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i need permission

btw... im not crying for help

its just the lyrical genius that captivates me

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Sometimes keeping control is hard.

gonna be frankly short.. at some point trying to keep it under control for so long will reach its breaking point.. been there.. done that.

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wow, looks like it was founded uncovered by buried treasure.

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is that who i think it is?.. my condolences :(

- written
Hey yall, How bout some noise!!

now i feel like a bad zit need to be popped! or carefully treated however which way you want it.

- written
then there's that

pls close this post
before its about a boat
that im on

a boat
thats where its at

im on a boat
about a boat
a boat
onna boat


- written
then there's that

a hat and a cat
what the heck is that?

- written
Hate to bring this up

soco wrote:
I use nextdoor more than facebook. Quite a few karen's on there from time to time but thats what makes it entertaining.

lol i did try that one out for a time.. they do help with utility service advice tho it never really caught on for me. gonna check in again right now ! lol

- written
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