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you should know

is youtube distorting the sounds to get you to pay premium quality?

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i wouldnt be surprised.

exercising our freedom of expression is our right.

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although anything imposed in trying to make us believe we should think the same does not imply that it is where we stand for how to think for ourselves.


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if your're anything like me.. made all the effort to look the part.. got all the figures thrown at ya.. but turned them down because they didnt meet the criteria. forgot the apostrophe.

its my life

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theres 3 songs i heard with the same song title

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Is commitment a truly good thing?

no comment

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men II boys

im poetic as ****shit!

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph
ive been a therapist now for 33 seconds and i can give you all my professional opinion.

says the man with a aluminum mask

- written - voted for by Jebus-Zeus
infamous quote of all time.

yea at the time ego was .. over the top. .. better to remain humble and sincere

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as the page rotates.

way ahead of yall, i passed on to the next plane of misfitdom. off to annoy the neighbors with my guitar talent for bad music.

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Let's talk about victim shaming.

i find myself afraid to ask wild questions at this point. but it doesnt mean its not there.

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once a black person said to me, you were born white, that's like winning the lottery, i thought about it and said to them, i didn't get the money.

while we are
a canvas white as art
till the colors drew

no where ever did any-one
you are the fault of our
my art
aint my arse
****fuck you too

did you penetrate?
my heart?
you knew i was a dude
too many *****cunts are lost
a head is a loose screw
they need it too

why am i the star
to you?

too man-ny
cuts out wait-ing for you
and you had to tear me apart
are wrought, a mark - a cost

why am i the star
to you?

- written
What is an NSFW post?

kudos to soco

- written
Last post before I go back into hiding.

i rock when i roll . all day long

- written
Last post before I go back into hiding.

from an artist ***pov..
im always proud of my creativity.

i stand to share my gains
when i feel right as rain

look-ing beyond
with or without a-head
did i ever think about
what was and then

every damn time
all i been
was a ses-sion
look-ing into my mind

breaking far
from love tells
and sor-row.

no day like tomorrow
robs me from this day

breaking far
from love tells
and sorrow.

no day like tomorrow
robs me from this day

- written
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