its a funny story

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thought it was funny and awesome at the same time..

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forget CGI.. this is the real deal

looking back.

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as a kid.. just when i was developing trying to understand the ways of the world. my family and relatives would occasionally do or say something to me that would make me embarrassed. when I would be embarrassed my face would flush redder than a maraschino cherry.

dont copy n paste

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or pick up the media views

Has anyone tried a vegetarian ma po(pa) tofu soup?

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Sells for 8 bucks for a large erm.. about a liter sized container. Im a meat eater.. cant stand veg life if i had no other choice, but after trying it last week im hooked.. i could eat it fa ev ah.

trying to be poetic here but i dont even know what i just wrote

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theres a door in front of me

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as the page rotates.

way ahead of yall, i passed on to the next plane of misfitdom. off to annoy the neighbors with my guitar talent for bad music.

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Cultural appropriation?

I want to be straight.. even tho now im hard and made into what i am today.

in my younger years.. i liked and enjoyed the popular culture.. i actually believed i was a neo punk raving wigga. As it felt cool at the time, i look back with remorse wondering how did this happen. boy what an idiot.

now i know this...its proven.. influence happens. may it be media .. bad friends.. and all kinds of temptations. keep in mind, speaking from personal experience.. my parents raised me to be best they wanted me to be..a goody boy scout.. surely that leads to rebellion.. anyhow after the Ragnarok phase.. we're a happy family, i see things in their perspective.. and boy sure wish i saw it that way in my younger days.

just keep in mind i wasn't a fool or anything.. just made some bad judgement .. i favored the fun over the other.. even when i knew fun does not pay.

if vanity is influenced.. surely its wrong.. as a parent .. cant say i am one.. but if i was one.. i would do my best to teach my child about who they are and how every doing-living-believing is a choice they make..

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What song do you have stuck in your head?


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Bubble Up and Bubble Down....

truth is very grated.
must it be created
failure is catered.
served a fine course

whats worse
than words berated

are you opinionated
or just agitated

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Suicidal or not...

tough times never last, but tough people do. ride it out.. good things do come to those who wait..happened to me. trust me i know. all those before me who know the good stuff - heed their word.

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What's the best way to deal or accept people disliking you as a result of ignorance?

@OP story of my life.. secretly deep down they want you to like them and they'll hate you for it. the math does not compute. they're stupid. so have fun with it.

- written
as the page rotates.

way ahead of yall, i passed on to the next plane of misfitdom. off to annoy the neighbors with my guitar talent for bad music.

- written
looking back.

in my case its quite a bit complicated.. i grew up with profound hearing loss. sure i could talk and all but when it came to catching on the joke or tease.. that moment of embarrassment would rise.

I pretended like i understood when i didn't because i couldn't hear it. It made me feel stupid, helpless and thus humiliated. they would laugh at me cuz i came off as this easy target for a bright red walking cherry pop!, for them it was harmless but for me nowadays makes me wonder.. what good was it, i didnt learn a damn from it except tune out my natural feelings. I should of gotten upset, i did few times but not enough to make a point about what i need from them to understand whats the point of teasing if im not gonna get it..

laughing it off would probably benefit me greatly if i understood in the first place. who the hell laughs at something you dont get, only blondes do!

when the internet was born and chat rooms..instant messaging .. texting came around.. made all the difference understanding the horrible humanity of humor.

i guess what im saying is the impact out of it all while growing up kinda set me back in a big way.. like a lingering after effect that i could really do without. Its not exactly traumatic, but i really think it played a part in why i have confidence issues. it doesn't end there tho on the other hand i just might be over analyzing it so help me god.

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So I've started writing a new thing...

hey padre it was a pleasure to read.. kinda reminds me of the duchy of Richmond we once ran with. the story doesn't end there from my ***pov.

basically .. its a neat segment of a bigger tale obviously.

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