Sucking the mic

its a funny story..

i know im too much

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so after a long time user of Android phones i'm forced to switch to iPhone..

written () ago

why??.. blue tooth hearing aid compatibility..

I received an antique knife as a gift.

written () ago

It's about 100 yrs old, blade seems aged but not rusted.

its a laff

written () ago

or a crack

aside from my snide antics

written () ago

i want to wish everyone a nice xmas

it aint mo money mo problems.

written () ago

its mo people mo fuckers

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I don't care who you are, or what reason you have, if I bring you money to buy a cake and you don't want to sell me a cake, I'm just going to punch you in your face.

i rather try to bathe a cat.. than deal with this lmao

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What keeps you at Help-qa?

the reason i keep coming back i get to be myself without checking myself twice and remain somewhat anonymous.

For me, fb is too revealing-cropped up catalog fake-ee, reddit far too crowded to get familiar with anyone, .. and as for.. craigs-what?.. i prefer if i need some answers fast i'll come looking here.

its like a church or something but without the religion.

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i need permission

btw... im not crying for help

its just the lyrical genius that captivates me

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Sometimes keeping control is hard.

gonna be frankly short.. at some point trying to keep it under control for so long will reach its breaking point.. been there.. done that.

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Life a game of F**K

i always scream at the user.. IM NOT A PAWN FOO!

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I have fallen in love and I don't want it!

Anonymous wrote:

NacthoMan wrote:
imo love is overrated

It sucks. It's a loss of self control, and a whole bunch of weird sickish feelings and obsessive thoughts. I'm too old for this nonsense, and I have a very stable life that I don't want to wreck.

good enough for me :)

- written
I have fallen in love and I don't want it!

imo love is overrated

but with all the love songs out there proves me wrong that love still goes strong.

who am i to argue.

- written
Stargate had it right - humanity IS possessed by a parasitic life-form.

and too fast.

i do not appreciate
all for the fact
this fast mack

went too fast
this mack
held fast>
excuse me when
im whack.

please do appreciate
all allalooo

- written
Stargate had it right - humanity IS possessed by a parasitic life-form.

sitting ducks to be exact. .. quack.

- written
I received an antique knife as a gift.

Nevermind wrote:
I kinda wanna see the knife

its exactly that kind.

- written
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