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I don't have to see God to know He exists.

You, however, are a different story.

Where did you grow up?

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Here's to the Moms.

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Love you.

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I'm 6 years sober and I want to quit going to alcoholics anonymous.

I've never had a drinking problem but addictions are usually a result of an engrained pattern of behavior.

The accountability you hold is to yourself - ultimately to God in the end, but if He's not going to get in your way, there is nothing AA can do to prevent anyone from drinking.
I'm not going to knock AA, but I liken them to Dumbo's Feather - Dumbo already had the ears to fly, he didn't need the feather.
I also liken AA to pharmacological placebos wherein the belief of the pill itself brings the cure.
As I see it, AA is a necessary placebo program to help fortify a person's accountability for their actions. Through the implementation of spiritual and psychological stratigum, they provide an internal balance of self-control.
So. It's been six years. You need to be sure of yourself and KNOW you have what it takes, X 1,000 to leave the program.

- written - voted for by Araz, ๐•อคอญอฅฬ‡๐•–๐•ฅ๐•šใ€‚(Yeti.), aeolian, Max
How do I build my self esteem?

I feel worthless.

But, you're not.

Iโ€™m overweight (I just joined a gym and am doing a good job going).'re a full figured gal.... Something wrong with that? (bites off a sandwich) I can watch people exercise all day. Keep up the good work!

But, Iโ€™ve been having rough days and I use food to make me feel better.

(Takes another bite of sandwich) - MMmm, I know what you mean - I'm feelin' better about myself already. like food. A man likes a lady who can cook....

I know Iโ€™m not the prettiest girl and so any time a guy gives me attention I give up my own values. I am a people pleaser and wonโ€™t say no to anyone bc I want people to like me.

- now, this is a problem. "Not the prettiest girl." Pretty? By what standard are you measuring beauty? Hollywood and Esquire magazine?

A good guy will enrich and fortify your morals, not tear them down - only users will do that and you ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO PLEASE USERS....

Even the best people can't always please all of the people. Personally, if you haven't made a few enemies in life it's a sign you're not really living to your full potential.

It's nice to have people appreciate you. It's NOT nice to have the wrong people like you.

We understand there are trolls in every social media forum, but the trolls in life are called "Succubusses," and their sole purpose is to drain the life right out of you - you don't need them liking you.

Iโ€™m starting to fall back down the slippery slope of depression and I just got out of that hole.

It's okay to experience defeat, but prepare for a day of success - it only takes one time, just one, then it's forever.
Keep trying.
All my best.

- written - voted for by **PamelaAnn**, Evansent, Mya
What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Kalinihta wrote:
your questions always confuse me! now I'm like: "is he talking about the chocolate? or maybe a gold bar? or maybe a bar at Klondike? or???"
over here we don't have the chocolate, and neither gold bars.
bars on the other hand, we've got plenty...

Mya wrote:

No-Account wrote:

Come on up...I'll take you to the bar, myself

So, it is a bar?! In Alaska..?

- written - voted for by ~CaraMia~, Kalinihta, Mya
Gift card guilt.

I wend grocery shopping one day. Total was 60-something dollars and change. Paid with exact change in cash.
But when the brainless cashier began counting, she came Canadian quarter...
"I'm sorry we don't take Canadian coins."
I said, "Sure you do -"
"No, sir, I'm afraid we don't."
I said, "If it makes you feel better, I can take my U.S. currency back and leave you with the honor of putting these groceries back...."
She said, "Please wait a minute." She picked up the phone and began talking to her manager. A couple minutes later she hung up.
"We've decided to honor the quarter," she said as she gave it back.
"Oh really?" I said. "Okay, you do that," and then I took my groceries and went out to my truck to put them away.
I sat in my truck looking at this Canadian quarter and I blew my stack. I began fishing around in my change and grabbed a handful of pennies.
I found myself back at the cashier requesting to talk to the very manager she spoke to.
Soon the manager and I met at the customer relations counter and I explained to him that I was a long time shopper that had spent thousands on their overpriced goods. I told him I didn't appreciate how the cashier made a big deal over the foreign quarter.
"Let's just stop the show and make a spectacle of it and waste my time!"
"Well, sir we honored the quarter!"
"You're missing the point. First, she holds up the show over a quarter, secondly she makes a spectacle by making a phone call to you look like a crisis rapeline call to S.T.A.R. and thirdly, you just reduced all the *******fucking money I ever spent here, down to nothing, makinkg me look like a welfare case, by 'honoring' my quarter - but, you didn't even have the decency to keep it." And I slapped the Canadian quarter down on the counter.
"Sir, the Canadian quarter has less value than the U.S. quarter -"
"So you're saying the Canadian quarter does have value, but not as much?"
"Then why give it back? Instead of taking a loss on an entire 25 cents, the difference would have only been 2 or 3 pennies..."
Then a look came over his face, and I continued talking as I laid out three more pennies on the counter.
"I am not here because of a Canadian quarter, I am here because of the ****shit you sent me through over three penny difference and you're looking at someone who is willing to share every moment of this dread with you. Make sure you play this video at your next board meeting and get it worked out."
And pointing at the change on the counter, "Meanwhile, I owe you 25 cents....I suggest you take it."
....And he did.
I'm sorry. What was your post about?๐Ÿ˜‹ Just kidding.

I brought you this story for a reason - you weren't unreasonable. What people dislike the most are those people who always accept the kinks of the system which was decided upon by people.
What all the CEO's and managers would like you to believe is they are a victim and it's outta their hands. But the system isn't a mindless machine - it is decided upon by people every day.
So...what determines a 'bad guy?'

- written - voted for by ~CaraMia~, DocteurRalph, CarolineFCY
Let's post some funny videos!!!

[Original Link]

- written - voted for by DocteurRalph, ~CaraMia~
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Let's talk about victim shaming.

That said, I think that the president had no place to say anything about it but the facts. The mocking tone he used to describe her testimony was inappropriate and really unnecessary.

Trump never detailed anything about the case - he simply summarized it in two words, "No proof."

Trump isn't making fun of the falseness of the accusation because he doesn't really know one way or the other. He's making fun of Ford for the act of accusing. Thats why trump is wrong.

Actually, he's making fun of the liberal Dems and SJW's who, by virtue of their stunted mentality, wants every person he (Trump) appoints, overturned. The Ford/Cav situation was political maneuvering in it's lowest fashion and doesn't represent real victims of sexual misconduct.

Furthermore making fun of accusers does nothing to help the falsely accused. It does not validate them. Only evidence and truth can do that. And the falsely accused dont find making fun of their accusers funny either.

What of the falsely accused, again? .....I wonder who's laughing and taking delight in destroying a mans life just because they don't want him in a political position....but forget that because even he's too high up the food chain to represent the average person who has been falsely accused of sexual misconduct.
Sean Hannity? No-no, it's Jerry Springer down here in the commons and the kangaroo court system that feeds men into an ever-growing penal system when a woman turns on the salty, soap opera tears.
Men get near life sentences when found guilty of certian charges (whether true or not). I would like to see a law passed where anyone laying false allegations, and is found guilty of such, they should serve the exact same time the maximum law would impose on the defendant if they were found guilty of the charge.
Otherwise, I believe that cruel revenge becomes a delicious option - after all...who tried to destroy who's life for $#!t$ and giggles to begin with?

- written
My little bro is getting married.

Aria wrote:
There are thousands of single parents that do pretty well and can still raise well-adjusted children.

I became more aware of single parent kids immediately after the divorce of my own parents at 11. The most I've heard in my life, to date is, "I did the best I could," from any one of them, just as my own mom did the best she could.
I turned out fairly well adjusted, (as other kids of single parents have), but the lack of balance still exists.
Also, there is a distinction between the effort(s) of a single parent and the result that takes place within the child.

I'm not saying that it's the only avenue I'm looking at - but it would be rather ridiculous to choose a guy within my limited biological clock (which is barely functioning in the first place due to infertility issues) just because of the concept that a child cannot be raised in a single=parent home.

No argument from me - being raised in a single parent home is actually not a concept, but something that has happened down through the ages - the only question with our era is the overwhelming number of single parent kids do not reflect the historic percent ratios based on population (it far more), and so are the reasons.

I'm asexual for a start. There's not exactly a lot of choice to begin with, with just that alone.

Yet your prodigy may not have a choice regarding their own emotional directives - they may likely be Atypical and require "binary responses."

But yes, it is a controversial thing for a lot of people who encounter SMBCs because there's still a lot of belief that children will only function in a two-parent home, but it's not impossible.

IMHO the present can be contrasted to history and belief systems can be founded empirically or perceptively...are we really doing that much better today than we were yesterday, regarding the household?

I think my children would probably rather know that I adore them regardless, and if I was to force myself into a relationship in order to fit the standard, I'd be miserable. That would probably cause more damage to my children than the alternative.

I know my mom adored me and certainly she knew I loved her, yet, I do feel that I could have been more fortified knowing my father better than I did in the long run - which has no bearing on other relationships my own mom could have chose, (after all, she and dad divorced for a reason and, as you said, it would do no kid well to endure parents who are constantly at each other).
It's a difficult proposition at best - of course, I have no chitlins but I was once a tyke....once, haha!๐Ÿ˜Š

- written
My little bro is getting married.

Aria wrote:
I'm going through a Single Mothers By Choice when the time comes that I'm ready. I don't need a relationship to feel fulfilled.

You may not "need" a relationship to "feel" fulfilled, however, I would debate the needs of the child will invariably require the need of the other parent.

- written
The shortest distance between 2 points is a slight curve.

aeolians.revenge wrote:
Lol.. option 4 is stay single. Then option 2 and 3 is useless may be more right about that than you know.

(Later gater!) peace. โœŒ

- written
Is there anybody out there

aeolians.revenge wrote:
I already knew that.

Was just making sure. No slackers, man - lol!

Well, hey, good to see ya man - it's core time in my neck of the woods and I gotta roll to town.
Yak with you later.

- written
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